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How To Be a Gentleman Has Been Swept Under the Rug


How to Be a Gentleman was canceled earlier this month after two weeks of being everything but good. But CBS didn’t have the heart to erase it completely, and shifted it to the graveyard known as Saturday night to burn off its remaining episodes. In the end, that act of compassion lasted just one week, as CBS has killed the show entirely and pulled it from the schedule completely. Not very gentlemanly at all! [Deadline Hollywood]

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry is sticking with ladies for his next project. Cherry will adapt the telenovela The Disorderly Maids of the Neighborhood, about five Latina maids in Beverly Hills, for ABC. The soapy drama will have all of Desperate Housewives‘ calling cards, including murder! Dare I say this sounds kind of interesting? Cherry was previously working on Hallelujah, about a mysterious spiritual stranger who comes to town, but that appears to be on the back burner. [Deadline Hollywood]

… HBO is looking to work with Martin Scorsese more. The director, who produces and has directed Boardwalk Empire, is working with The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger on a drama about a music executive in the ’70s. [Rolling Stone]

… Mandy Moore is headlining a new ABC family comedy that spans three generations and focuses on a newlywed couple starting a family of their own. [Deadline Hollywood]

… The revival of Fear Factor finally has a return date: December 12. The reality competition will air after The Sing-Off concludes and before The Voice begins in 2012. If they really want to scare the contestants, they should make them watch The Sing-Off. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Conan O’Brien’s Conaco production company has sold another sitcom to TBS, home of Conan’s talk show (convenient, eh?). Fat Chance is a comedy about two friends, one overweight and one a stud, who see their lives change when a hot chick enters their lives. [THR]

Moonlight creator Trevor Munson has sold a project to NBC. Vanish follows a mysterious man who helps people in danger and makes them disappear. Sam Raimi will executive produce. [Deadline Hollywood]


… Diane Wiest is on board and Chris Cooper is in talks to join The Corrections, a drama for HBO. The series, based on the 2001 book by Jonathan Franzen, would jump around time and follow a Midwestern couple and their three children who grew up and left for the coasts to get away from mom and dad. Great start to the cast, I especially love Cooper! [Deadline Hollywood]

… French Stewart (3rd Rock From the Sun) will guest star on Community as someone who does a great French Stewart impression. Seriously, it’s Community after all. [TV Line]

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