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‘I Thought I Knew Her. I Didn’t’

“The Glorias” director Julie Taymor knew Gloria Steinem lengthy earlier than she ever learn Steinem’s memoir “Life on the Road” or determined to adapt the feminist and icon’s life story into a movie. Or, at the very least she thought she did.

“I’ve known her. I knew her before I read the book. I thought I knew her. I didn’t,” Taymor informed TheWrap on the Sundance Film Festival. “When I read the book and learned about her early life, I thought, ‘Oh my God, people must see this.’ It’s entertaining. It actually explains how someone can become the activist and the inspiration that she is.”

“The Glorias” made its premiere at Sundance final month, and the movie stars each Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander as two of 4 completely different ladies taking part in Steinem at varied ages of her life. And Taymor brings all of them collectively to speak and work together on what she calls a “Bus Out of Time,” a framing gadget that helps to sew collectively the assorted moments and encounters of “Life on the Road” with an emotional connector.

“It was a device that ended up being very humanizing, because you get to see all facets of Gloria Steinem,” Taymor stated. “When you have that music that keeps coming back over and over, it is the stitching between the events. You really do get all of her, her discomfort. You put on a tough face when you’re someone like Gloria and you get a lot of vitriol spewed at you and you’re getting competition and you’re getting naysayers. So what is behind the smile? What is behind that exterior?”

Taymor pressured that “The Glorias” is much from a standard biopic, a film that takes place at a number of completely different time durations however is made to inform the story of Steinem at present and the way she got here to be a number one activist.

“I think at this time when we are lacking that and we really are always looking for leadership, she’s the leader who listens,” Taymor stated. “She’s a leader because she pushes up other people. She helps them rise, and god knows we need that now.”

Check out TheWrap’s full interview with Taymor above.

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