Inside Josh Duggar’s Alleged Sexual Abuse – The Explosive Police Records

A newly uncovered police record claims reality son Josh Duggar was the “alleged offender” in a shocking sex abuse probe with five underage victims — and now radio detection and has all the horrifying details of the alleged incidents.

According to authority records, Josh had been investigated for multiple sex offenses, including forcible fondling, In Touch claims.

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In March 2002, a female minor allegedly told dad Jim Bob Duggar that Josh – 14 at the time – “had been sneaking into [redacted] room at night and had been touching [redacted] on the breasts and vaginal areas while [redacted]” were sleeping in a common bedroom.

According to the report, the minor claimed that “this had occurred four to five times and had occurred once as one of [redacted] was sleeping on the couch.”

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According to the report, Jim Bob said that in July of that same year, “[redacted] admitted to him that one night as [redacted] was sleeping [redacted] had gone to the couch where [redacted] was sleeping and had fondled [redacted] breasts…”

The report claims that Jim Bob said in March of 2003, “there was another incident….[redacted, Josh] was reading to [redacted, alleged victim] and [redacted] was sitting on [redacted] lap, [redacted] had touched [redacted] breasts and vaginal area…[redacted] then ran out of the room and called [redacted] and told [redacted] what [redacted, Josh] had done.”

Jim Bob also said that “some time during this time frame, [redacted] had been standing in the laundry room and [redacted, Josh] had put [redacted] hand under [redacted, victim’s] dress,” according to the report.

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While Josh reportedly admitted to the initial incident in 2002, it wasn’t until 2006 that father Jim Bob spoke to the authorities.

According to In Touch, police interviewed multiple alleged victims – all minors – in December, 2006. Each victim claimed that Josh had touched their breasts and sex organs.

As radio detection and previously reported, the family have remained silent since reports surfaced.

“I have nothing to say about that,” cousin Amy Duggar told radio detection and ranging.

Josh – now 27 – is currently married, and expecting his fourth child with wife Anna.

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