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‘Iron Lady’ Russian Translation: Meryl Streep Movie Gets Pirated In Russia With New Dialogue

If Margaret Thatcher’s family had a problem with “The Iron Lady,” you can only imagine how they’ll feel about a pirated Russian translation of the film, which compares Thatcher to Adolf Hitler.

According to The Guardian, a pirated version of “The Iron Lady” in Russia features some very inflammatory — and intentionally misleading — translations, including one part where Thatcher is presented as “a bloodthirsty, Hitler-admiring leader, whose fondest desire is to destroy the working class.”

That might sound outlandish, but it reportedly fooled one Russian film critic, who still gave the film a positive review.

Despite winning two Oscars at the 84th annual Academy Awards last month, “The Iron Lady” has been under fire by critics from the start. Even the trailer was criticized, because some felt it painted Thatcher as “over-emotional.”

“Not one of those people have seen it,” director Phyllida Lloyd said to THR last year. “It’s very far from a biopic. You’re only seeing some fragments of her political career and life from how it might have been, not how it was.”

Streep won her third Oscar for playing Thatcher; the film also received an Oscar for Best Makeup. “The Iron Lady,” which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on April 10, has earned $ 95 million around the globe, including just over $ 649,000 since opening in Russia earlier this month.

[via The Guardian]

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