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Is paramilitary group Fillmore-Graves ‘iZombie’s’ new good guys — or the ultimate vi…

“iZombie” is back — and after teasing a zombie uprising at the end of Season 2, it’s interesting how… organized that uprising seems to be.

The introduction of Fillmore-Graves, led by be fellow brain-eater Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage), showed how major a piece of the Season 3 puzzle it’s going to be — but whose side are they on?

Vivian is positive D-Day (zombie discovery day) is coming — and when it does, she thinks humans are going to lash out at the zombies among them in a brutal way. To that end, Fillmore-Graves is building an island sanctuary to hold all the zombies, allowing them to live their lives free from those who wish to do them harm.

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However, they’re also building an army — and don’t necessarily seem like the most trustworthy people out there. So are they actually working for the greater good, or will the company end up being another thorn in Liv’s (Rose McIver) side as the season rolls on?

To be honest, not even the cast knows.

“I mean, for Season 3, that is a big arc for Liv. I feel like trying to make sense of how zombies and humans could coexist — if they could — or whether Vivian and Fillmore-Graves are onto something, and actually it is us against them… Liv is not sure at the moment,” McIver says. “I mean, she set some pretty good examples of how humans and zombies coexist in her personal relationships, but obviously [there are] some bigger threats out there, and people who potentially don’t care for them the same way.”

Major (Robert Buckley) so quickly joining the ranks of Fillmore-Graves is something that isn’t exactly sitting right, either.

“She loves him, and will always love Major in various capacities — but I think she’s very wary of his allegiance,” McIver continues. “And Fillmore-Graves, we don’t really know quite how pure their intentions may or may not be. She’s still feeling that out — so I think she’s very wary, knowing that Major is buying into it.”

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For his part, Major is just happy to have found a purpose in life after spending Season 2 being blackmailed by Max Rager. But eventually, he’ll have to come to terms with the idea that perhaps his friends aren’t as happy about his work with Fillmore-Graves as he is.

“It is something that will eventually find him and the group coming to an impasse over together. It’s going to pose some interesting questions for everyone in the group,” Buckley says. “It is a main component of Major’s arc this year. Fillmore-Graves, the people he meets and is friends with, and the relationships he forms. It’s a big part of his journey.”

One character seemingly caught in the middle of it all is Clive (Malcolm Goodwin). It was only in the Season 2 finale that he learned his friends Liv and Major were zombies. Now he’s being throw head-first into the entire walking dead conspiracy. While he may want to simply walk away from it and return his life as it was, finding out that people he holds dear are zombies, and in danger, won’t let him.

“Once he realizes that someone — a family — that was close to him, and that they were zombies, and that there is the real threat of this human vs. zombie war percolating, he has to pick a side,” Goodwin says. “Throughout the entire season, he’s trying to figure out who killed that family, Wally (Mataeo Mingo) and his mom Anna (Caitlin Stryker).”

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For now, the jury is out on Fillmore-Graves. While we want to believe they have the best interests of Liv and the rest of Team Z in mind, we can’t help but think there’s something going on there. Time will tell exactly whether they can be trusted.

“iZombie” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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