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Is ‘The Exorcist’ really making the Catholic Church its big bad villains?

It wasn’t long ago in “The Exorcist” that Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) apprised Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) of a possible conspiracy with roots that go deep within the church — and in Friday’s (Nov. 4) episode, titled “Star of the Morning,” we not only get a better look at the real villains of the series, we get answers to those bizarre Chicago murders in the process.

Vocare Pulvere: It’s a term that has been used multiple times throughout “The Exorcist” and it’s one that refers to a summoning ritual. And while the police are out searching for Casey (Hannah Kasulka), Father Bennett gets a better look at the elite group behind all the madness.

exorcist father bennett Is The Exorcist really making the Catholic Church its big bad villains?

Leave it up to Maria Walters (Kirsten Fitzgerald) to lead us to a sinister group calling themselves “The Friars of Ascension.” You’ll remember Ms. Walters as the woman who donated all that money to Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) — who later admitted to using said funds to finance Casey’s failed exorcism — and now it seems that Marcus wasn’t all that wrong about the young priest.

Not only has he been compromised by his own desires, this secret church group has been seeking him out for quite some time. He may be a “tough nut to crack,” but will the impressionable young priest side with Father Marcus or the Friars when all is said and done?

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That’s one of the questions we’re asking after watching this week’s episode play out. And after seeing Father Marcus face off against a tunnel full of demons, we can’t help but wonder: Exactly how many of these hellbeasts are in Chicago, anyway? And if Father Thomas is compromised, will Marcus be able to rely on Father Bennett? Don’t forget, it wasn’t that long ago that he pulled a gun on the holy man in Mexico.

exorcist ben daniels father marcus 106 Is The Exorcist really making the Catholic Church its big bad villains?

Bennett may have taken away Marcus’ collar… But it seems that was a move in some greater plan. If the church isn’t sanctioning any exorcisms, then Father Marcus is an enemy of the holy state. And something tells us that a rogue Marcus Keane is the best Marcus Keane.

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Not only does it seem that the demon in Casey holds a key to the Friars’ ultimate plan — the group aims to bring a bunch of demons back to earth — it looks like you just can’t trust Chicago police. Angela (Geena Davis) — we mean Regan — may have hired Superintendent Jaffey (Tim Hopper) to lead the hunt for her daughter, but how bad is that going to get if the man is possessed by a demon himself?

Thankfully Marcus ends up tracking down Casey first, turning the shallow end of Lake Michigan into holy water in the process. He may have compelled the demon from the young girl’s body — but something tells us it won’t be gone for long.

“The Exorcist” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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