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Is the New Tom Hanks WWII Movie ‘Greyhound’ Based on a True

(This article does NOT include any spoilers for the Apple TV+ movie “Greyhound” starring Tom Hanks)

Even 75 years after the tip of World War II, the subgenre of movies about that world battle goes sturdy. And even with film theaters closed for months, we’ve obtained a brand new one on our arms now due to Apple TV+, which debuted the Tom Hanks naval thriller “Greyhound” this week.

Hanks’s character, Captain Krause, is a longtime Navy officer, however he’s participating in struggle for the primary time within the wake of Pearl Harbor. His job: escort a convoy of provide ships throughout the Atlantic Ocean and defend them from Nazi U-boats if vital.

It is vital, in fact. Otherwise, “Greyhound” could be a fairly boring film. But is that this story one thing that really occurred? Was Captain Krause actual?

“Greyhound” is definitely based mostly on a 1955 novel referred to as “The Good Shepherd” by C.S. Forester. And no, it isn’t a real story. The novel, and movie, are a fictional yarn a couple of non-fictional situation. What you see within the movie is the kind of state of affairs that many ships and convoys confronted because the U.S. and Canada shipped provides to Great Britain all through the struggle. But these particular characters and ships didn’t exist.

In a way, “Greyhound” is form of a fictionalized summation of the Battle of the Atlantic, which is the catch-all identify for all of the combating that occurred within the Atlantic Ocean throughout World War II. From the very starting of the struggle, Britain acquired provides from North America, with the usA. chipping in even earlier than it formally joined the struggle when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

The journey throughout the Atlantic for these ships was a fraught one, with German U-boats usually swarming these provide convoys within the portion of the Atlantic often known as the “Black Pit” — that’s the a part of the ocean that was past the attain of British air forces. This is, to be clear, many of the ocean, although U-boats might solely journey to this point themselves.

Those U-boats took out 1000’s of ships throughout the struggle, in order that they had been a really actual menace to any convoy making the Atlantic crossing.

In the novel, although fictional, Forester was basically creating a perfect situation that described what it was like for Allied sailors throughout the Battle of the Atlantic. And the movie is a really medical adaptation, focusing nearly totally on how the crew of the Greyhound cope with the moment-to-moment motion as they face off in opposition to a squadron of U-boats.

Basically, it’s not a actually true story, however the broad strokes actually performed out time and again throughout World War II.

“Greyhound,” which is an Apple TV+ unique from Sony Pictures, was directed by Aaron Schneider and was really written by Tom Hanks. In addition to Hanks, the movie stars Rob Morgan and Stephen Graham. It hits Apple’s streaming service on July 10.

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