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Jodi Arias Juror: She Planned Murder To Be Last Person Travis Alexander Ever Had Sex With

Jodi Arias meticulously planned her murder of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander and wanted to make sure she was the last person he would ever have sex with, says one of the jurors from the infamous trial.

Tara Kelley, who was Alternate Juror Number 17, said in an online interview Tuesday that the camera Arias left at the murder scene was the most incriminating piece of evidence because it “showed a timeline of how quickly things happened.”

And Tara, in her interview with WildAboutTrial, also revealed that she did not buy the defense’s contention that Jodi was a victim of domestic violence.

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Asked if she thought defense expert witness Alyce LaViolette’s analysis of domestic violence applied to Jodi, the juror answered: “No! I feel she is an advocate and truly believed Jodi was abused! However there was NO proof only her word.”

She did acknowledge that Alexander wasn’t always nice to Arias but added: “I thought at times he said some mean things but I never thought she was abused!”

And Tara’s theory of the crime is one of twisted premeditation. She told WildAboutTrial in a Twitter interview that she believed Travis Alexander found out about the sex tape (audio recording Jodi had made) and Jodi then threatened to blackmail him.

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“I believe on May 26, Travis was trying to break it off completely with Jodi!” Tara said. “She got mad and threatened him with the sex tape! He started calling her those names b/c he thought if he did she would finally leave him alone, especially when he said u r the worst thing that ever happened to me!

“He was hoping that would make her stop! It only made her really mad knowing he no longer wanted her! She couldn’t take it!

“She planned the burglary and started planning his death! She wanted to make sure she was the last he ever had sexually! She wanted that power of knowing she was his last.”

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One thing Tara did believe from the defense is when Jodi’s attorney Kirk Nurmi said “9 days out of 10 I don’t like Jodi Arias”

Said Tara: “I believed it! There was never interaction b/w him and Jodi at the table! He never looked happy by her.”

Arias was lying constantly on the stand, Tara believed, and now that the trial is over she thinks the tapes of the police interview with Arias’ parents would have been a “game changer” (against the defense) if they had been allowed into evidence.

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“I think those parent interrogation videos could have been a game changer!” she said. “Shows they weren’t shocked she did it.”

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