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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants You to Be in His Subway-Performing Rock Band

Calling all aspiring musicians! (Or just diehard Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans)

In celebration of his “Everyday, Spectacular” project, which encourages people to put on unique performances in unconventional settings, the actor rocked out on the drums smack dab in the middle of a subway terminal.

JGL—who sports an exceptionally sharp suit for the outing—is seen setting up an entire drum set while unassuming passersby continue about their day in the video shared on his Facebook page. Joseph’s drumming skills are top notch, and in a comment posted alongside the footage he writes, “Do you play Bass, Percussion or Horns? I’m looking for musicians to perform on this track w/ me.”

According to the website for the Gordon-Levitt-launched production company HitRecord, the 35-year-old’s latest social venture aims to create a massive, collaborative piece of art through fan submissions. Joseph shares different challenges for those who want a piece of the performance puzzle, and voilà! anyone can be the star’s bandmate. 

But if you’re surprised by the Snowden actor’s hidden talent, think again. JGL is actually a self-taught drummer, telling James Corden last year, “The cool thing about drums is that you can practice without a drum set.”  

Musically-inclined and major acting chops? As if we needed another reason to love Joseph! 

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