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‘Low Winter Sun’ season finale: Did ‘Ann Arbor’ and ‘Surrender’ close Detroit cop show well?


“Low Winter Sun” comes to the end of its first season on Sunday (Oct. 6) with a double episode. “Ann Arbor” and “Surrender” work together to close the gritty Detroit police drama.

The question is, did the episodes succeed?

In the first of the two episodes in the finale, “Ann Arbor,” Frank (Mark Strong) has to struggle to keep his own sanity as his former actions take their toll on the cop’s psyche. While all of this is going on, the Detroit Police Department catches a break in the McCann case.

“Surrender” follows to end the double-episode and the season. In the true finale, several characters end up dead, the police come close to solving McCann’s murder and Boyd quits the police force.

Are these two episodes a fitting end to “Low Winter Sun”? Are there questions to which you still need answers? Would you be interested in watching a second season? Vote in the poll and leave your comments below.

What grade would you give the ‘Low Winter Sun’ finale?

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