Machinima Replay – 2/25/2011: (NBA All Star Weekend, Dunk Contest, Click here to watch Replay 2/18/2011: (NBA All Star Weekend, MLB 11: The Show, Carmelo rumors, The 5 ft. How to Ollie) (S02E07)! Replay 2/25/2011: (NBA All Star Weekend, Dunk Contest, Carmelo trade, The 5 ft. Super Speeders 5) (S02E08) Constant and Optic Diesel host a new Replay that follows the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities. They discuss the events, the Slam Dunk Contest, and the Carmelo Anthony trade to the New York Knicks. Be sure to check out our Sony Lounge coverage as well as the ESPN/2K Sports Red Carpet event for the NBA All-Star Weekend. Click here to watch Replay Overtime – ESPN NBA 2K11 Black Carpet (All-Star Weekend, Lockout, Carmelo Trade, Iguodala, McClain, Wiley)! Click here to watch Replay Overtime- NBA All-Star Weekend Sony Lounge: JaVale McGee, Tyreke Evans, Ryan Hollins, Wesley Johnson! We also went down to San Diego on Wednesday to check out WWE All Stars, so be sure to check out Replay Overtime next Wednesday (3/2) for the latest and greatest. Our Mailbag question of the week comes to us from @Illogic – Who do you think is going to win the MLB World Series this year? Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 🙂 The Five Music Constant and Diesel deliver The Five which features TheNicholson231’s “I Got That J” NBA 2K11 My Player video, terceirafire’s Gran Turismo 5 High Speed Football, Maddeniqocom’s Ask Madden Utilizing Two Back Sets
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. My last skate video got 101 likes 1 dislike and didnt make replay and I was gutted. I upped my game and my latest skate video got 151 likes 0 dislikes and still didnt make replay. CRY FACE. The top 5 video’s were all awesome though, they all deserved their places. I just want to hear constant say my name haha.

  2. @superbob24 (i don’t know if you will understand this)… coz its like saying in the kinder garden “Haha im first im the best and you suck Ballz” Got it?

  3. @nukaiser Honestly bro it’s not a “Huge” deal by not making the five, it’s pretty sick if you do but it’s not the end of the world don’t worry about it.

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