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Madonna, Stephen King and Donald Trump Biopics Dominate the 2016 Black List

Are we ready for a biopic about Madonna? There’s already a script for such a thing, titled Blonde Ambition, and it’s the most popular one featured on this year’s Black List ranking of the best unproduced screenplays. The movie would focus on the pop icon’s start in NYC in the 1980s. But who could possibly play her? 

And which two actors could play Stephen King, given that there are two movies about the famous prolific horror author: The Kings of Maine is about him as a young alcoholic trying to finish Carrie while Maximum King! is about the making of his sole directorial effort, Maximum Overdrive.  

Black List titles not to be confused for additional King biopics: King of LA (a true story of a corrupt DEA agent), King’s Canyon (a survival tale) and Northeast Kingdom (a female assassin revenge thriller). And not to be confused for a James Cameron biopic is James Cameron’s Titanic, which offers a different tale set on the doomed ocean liner. 

But there are a lot of scripts about familiar people and stories, from one about Monika Lewinsky and Linda Tripp to I, Tonya, the Tonya Harding biopic that is now actually being produced with Margot Robbie in the lead. And there’s another about a different underdog olympian called The Olympian. Also, of course, there’s a Donald Trump film.

Could we please see the love story between Carl Sagan and Ann Druyen hit the big screen? Or the love triangle story of Eric Clapton, Pattie Boyd and George Harrison? Or the non-love story of a girl who tries to lose her virginity to Harrison? How about the movie on the tragic life of Rosemary Kennedy, the mentally challenged sister of JFK and RFK?

And yes, there is definitely a fair share of sci-fi and fantasy and meta movies involving aliens, robots, fairy godmothers and fictional characters bleeding into real life. There’s even one where a real person is sort of blended into a fictional tale. Seth Spector’s Untitled Lax Mandis Project has of course attracted a response from that person, Max Landis:

Here is the full list, ranked with number of votes via The Hollywood Reporter:

Blond Ambition by Elyse Hollander (48)
Life Itself by Dan Fogelman (35)
The Olympian by Tony Tost (35)
The Post by Liz Hannah (35)
Voyagers by Zach Dean (28)
In the Blink of an Eye by Colby Day (25)
O2 by Christie LeBlanc (22)
Untitled Lax Mandis Project by Seth Spector (22)
Dark Money by Matt Fruchtman (21)
Letters From Rosemary Kennedy by Nick Yarborough (21)
Linda and Monica by Flint Wainess (20)
Hala by Minhal Baig (19)
The Miserable Adventures of Burt Squire Aboard the Horn High Yo by Ben Bolea (18)
The Time Traveler’s La Ronde by Tom Dean (18)
Revolver by Kate Trefry (17)
Fairy Godmother by Chiara Atik (15)
Free Guy by Matt Lieberman (15)
The Kings of Maine by Kathy Charles (15)
Layla … and Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek Weissbein (15)
Maximum King! by Shay Hatten (15)
Battle of Alcatraz by Neil Widener, Gavin James (14)
I Think We’re Alone Now by Mike Makowsky (14)
Man Alive by Joe Greenberg (14)
Mother by Michael Lloyd Green (14)
Untitled Late Night Comedy by Mindy Kaling (14)
King of LA by Chris Bremner (13)
Let the Evil Go West by Carlos Rios (13)
Villains by Dan Berk, Robert Olsen (13)
Hart You by Zoe McCarthy (12)
James Cameron’s Titanic by Jen D’Angelo (12)
Northeast Kingdom by Alex R. Johnson (12)
Barbarian by Rosalind Ross (11)
The Builder by Tom Cartier (11)
Untitled Fairy Tale by Cat Vasko (11)
Adrift by Aaron and Jordan Kandell (10)
Kings Canyon by Paul Hilborn, Evan Parter (10)
The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore (10)
Lee by Chris Urch (10)
Liberty by Jayson Rothwell (10)
Saving Charlie Chaplin by Justin Shady (10)
Two Butterflies by Evan Dodson (10)
The Woman With Red Hair by Michael Schatz (10)
American Rebel by Christopher Cosmos (9)
Rugged by April Prosser (9)
Turned On by Charlie Kesslering (9)
Boyfriend Material by Mackenzie Dohr (8)
The Burning Season by Jenny Halper (8)
Contingency Protocol by Mark Townend (8)
A Deconstruction of Reality by Mattson Tomlin (8)
The Fruitcake by Trey Selman (8)
The Hunchback by Topher Rhys-Lawrence (8)
I, Tonya by Steven Rogers (8)
Inner City by Dan Gilroy (8)
Orb by Steve Desmond, Michael Sherman (8)
Burn Run by Matt Tente (7)
The Fall by Peter Bridges (7)
The Gun Show by Lucas Carter (7)
The Housewife by Alyssa Hill (7)
Hummingbird by John Tyler Mclain (7)
Reason of State by Matthew Orton (7)
Palmer by Cheryl Guerriero (7)
Allison Adams by Devon Graye (6)
America: The Motion Picture by Dave Callaham (6)
Bad Education by Mike Makowsky (6)
Bitter Pill by Turner Hay (6)
Captain Infinity by Harry Tarre (6)
Carnada by Katharine Werner (6)
Donzinger by Matt Bai, Jay Carson (6)
Escape From Sarajevo by Vanya Asher (6)
Hotel Artemis by Drew Pearce (6)
Miller’s Girl by Jade Bartlett (6)
Mr. Toy by Chai Hecht (6)
Space Oddity by Rebecca Banner (6)


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