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Marvel cameos – actual individuals who exist within the MCU

Okay, so we don’t know how the Marvel Brain Trust decides on which real-life individuals to permit contained in the MCU, as a result of what follows is without doubt one of the weirdest lists of celebrities you are ever more likely to encounter. Not all of them are cameos – they may exist solely as an off-the-cuff reference.

It’s such an odd group, although, that solely one of many following was deemed important sufficient to earn a spot on Steve Rogers’ post-freezer catch-up checklist.

The relaxation, nicely, see for your self…

1. Hugh Hefner (Iron Man)

Stan Lee - Hugh Hefner in Iron Man

Marvel Studios

Stan Lee’s first MCU cameo set the usual for each single look that adopted – each has miraculously match the tone of the movie it is in.

In Iron Man, the comics legend is mistaken for Hugh Hefner, the late Playboy entrepreneur. With Stark being much less James Watt and extra James Bond within the first Iron Man film, it is smart that the Playboy Mansion exists on this universe – it is a spot we’re positive Stark has visited steadily.

It does really feel bizarre that the opening salvo of a household franchise incorporates a gag a few pornographer, however y’know, that is Disney for you…

2. Kevin Bacon (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Kevin Bacon in Footloose (1984)


“On my planet, there’s a legend about people like you,” Star-Lord says within the first Guardians. “It’s known as Footloose. And in it, an ideal hero, named Kevin Bacon, teaches a whole metropolis full of individuals with sticks up their butts that dancing, nicely, it is the best factor there may be.”

That’s a line that throws your complete MCU into chaos.

The ‘Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon’ rule – which says that every one actors are solely six individuals (if that many) away from being in a movie with Kevin Bacon – confirms that Star-Lord is in actual fact not performed by Chris Pratt, however truly IS Chris Pratt (Pratt appeared in Movie 43 with Emma Stone, who appeared in Crazy, Stupid, Love with Bacon).

That means we’re only some movies from an Avengers film by which the plot revolves round all our favorite heroes (together with Thanos – as Josh Brolin appeared with Bacon in Hollow Man) realising they’re solely actors showing in a extremely profitable movie sequence. And they’ve a restricted time to get revenue share offers earlier than the credit roll.

Still, Kevin Bacon’s completely happy.

“Whether I was mentioned in the movie or not, in my opinion it was one of the best movies of the year,” Bacon says. “I loved it. And I didn’t talk to anybody who didn’t love it.”

In phrases of different real-life people, Guardians additionally incorporates a Jackson Pollock sperm gag, and a spaceship named after Charmed star Alyssa Milano.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio (Ant-Man)

Leonardo DiCaprio, Stan Lee

Getty ImagesMarvel Comics

Luis: How severe are we talkin’, Scotty?

Scott Lang: [Looking at a safe] It’s a Carbondale. It’s from 1910, constructed from the identical metal because the Titanic.

Luis: Wow. Can you crack it?

Scott Lang: Well, here is the factor, it does not achieve this nicely with chilly. Remember what that iceberg did?

Luis: Yeah man, it killed DiCaprio.

So, this Ant-Man dialogue explains why Leonardo DiCaprio won’t ever do a movie within the MCU.

That’s as a result of it is affirmation that within the MCU, Leo’s a film star – which implies he cannot simply pop as much as play Mr Fantastic or whoever.

It simply would not work to have dialogue like ‘Hey, aren’t you Leonardo DiCaprio?’ with a reply alongside the strains of ‘No, I simply actually, actually appear like him’ each time Mr Fantastic walks into the room.

No, DiCaprio should persist with displaying up in DCEU motion pictures, which, as everyone knows, are what individuals within the MCU go to the cinema to see.

4. Bill O’Reilly (Iron Man 2)


Marvel Studios

You know that episode of That Mitchell and Webb Look the place these Nazi officers abruptly surprise: ‘Are we the baddies?’

Well, let’s hope that ex-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly had that dialog with himself…

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