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Mati Diop Offers Poetic New Take on Refugee Tale

“Atlantics” is Franco-Senegalese director Mati Diop’s first feature-length movie, a supernatural-inflected romantic drama narrative that may sometimes really feel stretched and skinny in sure spots, like a cracking medium-length movie padded out to characteristic runtime. Still, that’s regardless of, as a result of the movie’s actual coup is the victory it scores for better perspective.

That’s perspective, in fact, not simply illustration, as a result of I don’t know that labels taken by themselves supply a lot worth. No queer filmmaker is nice uniquely as a consequence of their sexuality, identical to no — let’s say — Ecuadorian filmmaker is nice totally due to the place their passport was printed. Rather, the specifics and particulars of any lived expertise assist form an artist’s voice, giving them distinctive factors of view that enrich their artwork.

And such is the case with “Atlantics,” a movie that deftly entwines a brand new tackle the refugee crises with a take a look at younger feminine maturity, and layers it with a dose of West African folklore. The movie follows Ada (Mama Sané), a 17-year-old engaged to marry one man however in love with one other. Shortly earlier than her nuptials, Ada’s chosen beau takes off for a greater life in Europe and seemingly perishes alongside the best way — solely to return as a spirit, able to inhabiting the our bodies of others.

Instead of following those that flee, Diop facilities this refugee story on those they depart behind – whereas utilizing Ada’s romantic longing as a solution to discover adolescent ennui of Ada and her circle of buddies. With its consideration to the pains of youngsters on the cusp of maturity, “Atlantics” can generally really feel in keeping with the movies of Sofia Coppola, solely stripped of the layers of privilege which are hallmarks of the latter’s work.

Indeed, Diop is bound to spotlight the financial injustices that trigger the lads to flee however does so by evoking moods and tones of a spot, moderately than tallying the difficulties of its inhabitants. This particular place is seaside Dakar — a spot the director evokes in tight close-ups of sweat-drenched faces and within the ambient noise of waves crashing on the shore. And if the narrative can generally wane, the movie’s enveloping atmospherics stay tight all through. You are there, on this 17-year outdated’s headspace on the shores of Dakar — and that’s a perspective distinctive to “Atlantics.”

“Atlantics” premieres on Netflix Nov. 29.

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