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MTV VMAs drinking game: Raise a glass with these rules

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The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards have arrived and, as usual, it’s shaping up to be one of the craziest award shows of the year. From Beyonce to Kanye West to Adele, all if your favorite singers, rappers and musicians are going to be in the house delivering a most unusual and very memorable night.

If you want to turn up the fun a little bit though, Zap2it has you covered with our 2016 MTV VMAs drinking game. Grab a beer, pour yourself a glass of your favorite liquor — or soda or juice if you’re under the legal drinking age — and strap in for an extra bit of VMAs fun. Don’t forget to drink responsibly, though. After all, you don’t want the first Taylor Swift-less VMAs in years to be your last.

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You need to at least make it to her glorious dancing return in 2017.

The rules for the game are simple, so follow along!

Take a sip if …

  • Kim Kardashian looks bored
  • A winner cries during their acceptance speech
  • A member of Taylor Swift’s squad is shown dancing without her
  • Beyonce wins a Moonman

Take a drink if…

  • It’s obvious Britney Spears is lip syncing
  • A winner doesn’t thank the fans
  • A celebrity is caught checking their phone on camera
  • Censors miss a curse word

Finish your drink if …

  • Kanye West reminds you he’s running for president in 2020
  • Beyonce gives a surprise performance
  • A celebrity throws shade at someone
  • Someone makes a joke about Kanye’s famous “Imma let you finish” moment

The 2016 MTV VMAs air Sunday, Aug. 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Cheers!

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