Natalie Morales not angling for Ann Curry’s ‘Today’ job

natalie-morales.jpgWith Ann Curry’s exit from the “Today” show practically a done deal, the remaining question is who will replace her as co-anchor of NBC’s morning program. Savannah Guthrie seems like a lock for the position, and rumor has it that Natalie Morales is none too happy about it.

It’s good to hear, then, that it’s only a rumor. Though Page Six reports that Morales is mad that she’s worked at “Today” for six years only to be passed up for the top job yet again, an NBC rep says that the newsreader is perfectly happy with her current position.

A source tells Page Six that Morales plans to leave “Today” if she doesn’t get Curry’s job, but a new TMZ report corroborates NBC’s statement that Morales loves her job and has no intention of exiting.

Expect an official announcement on the Curry situation in the next few days.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images

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