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New RELEASE Storm chasing The Year of the Twin Tornadoes

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The Year 2014 was truly the year of the Twin Tornadoes. Tornadoes in multiples touhed down all over the USA! This is the 6th DVD in the exciting Journey Through Tornado Alley Series of DVDs! Legendary Storm Chasers Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski traveled through 15 states covering over 32,000 miles in tornado alley to bring you this exceptional DVD! Visually captivating with on the edge of your seat shots make this DVD one of the BEST in the JTTA lineup! Beginning with the Multiple vortex tornadoes of Mother’s Day May 11, 2014 and then on to the June 16, 2014 Pilger, Nebraska tornadoes shot by Storm Chaser Dustin Wilcox this DVD will have you awe struck. Included in the Year of The Twin Tornadoes: -April 27 and 28th EF-3 tornado Tuplelo, MS along with Hackleburg, AL and Birminham, AL Night time tornadoes. -May 11, 2014 Mothers Day Tornadoes Multiple Vortex tornadoes as well as the Sutton, NE EF-3, Beaver Crossing EF-3, Seward, NE EF-2 (8 tornadoes that day total) -June 4 Anton, CO supercell and brief tornado -June 7 Roswell, NM Mothership supercell -June 16 Pilger, NE twin tornadoes EF-4 -special features include 2 video shorts of May 18 broadus, MT supercell, May 19 cascading waterfall of hail ALSO ICELAND Aug 30 SPECIAL SPECIAL feature of april 14 2013 tornadoes near Wynoka OK to Wichita KS Exceptional musical scores by Dmitri Belichenko, Wesley Devine, Alesander Khaskin, Bjorn Lynne, Dream Valley Music, James Barr and Ferenc Hegedus of Shockwave Sound. Google Earth Map Imagery

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