NFL History of the Miami Dolphins Reviews

NFL History of the Miami Dolphins

Forty-five years ago, the Miami Dolphins splashed into the NFL when Joe Auer returned the franchise’s opening kick-off 95 yards for a touchdown. It was the beginning of a historic journey encompassing some of the game’s legendary players, and the greatest single season in NFL history. Now that journey is yours to own in this thrilling DVD set – History of the Miami Dolphins. From their start as an AFL doormat, witness their meteoric rise as Hall of Fame head coach Don Shula led Bob Griese, Larry Csonka and the “no-name defense” of the ‘70s to two world championships and the only undefeated season in pro football history. Later teams included “Killer B’s” defense of the ‘80s, record-setting quarterback Dan Marino and defensive powerhouses Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas. This two-disc set will grant you access to over four hours of extraordinary game highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, player and coach interviews, sound wires and more. Join NFL Films as they unfold a

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3 thoughts on “NFL History of the Miami Dolphins Reviews

  1. Review by Theodore Jun for NFL History of the Miami Dolphins
    I liked it. But I think that the dvd should have covered the fractious relationship that Jimmy and Dan Marino had at the end of their respective careers. Also they left out their 1998-2001 playoff flameouts, and this should have been covered a bit.

    For the special features, they have marino’s first win, longest day, super bowl 8, Zach Thomas retirement ceremony, and most importantly, Americas game: 1972 dolphins.

  2. Review by A. M. ALVAREZ for NFL History of the Miami Dolphins
    I was waiting for this DVD 5 years, the complete history but unfortunatelly was not complete. I wish to have another extra content like Marinos biography, the rivalities against buffallo, NY Jets, a real game like the classic when the dolphins beat the 85 Bears in monday night football, and the statistics one of the most winning franchaise and the bios of the great dolphins Larry Cszonka, Bob Griese, Paul Walfield, Dan Marino, the Marks broothers, and Don Shula, like other DVDs. I recomend to anyone that is not familiar with the dolphins, but for a great fan, will be a little helpfull. Also the 72 Americas Game was solt separatelly, so why include it here?

  3. Review by Bobby F for NFL History of the Miami Dolphins
    I have waited years for this video. NFL Films has chronicled teams much less successful in recent years (Chargers, Browns and Bills?) so I assumed that they were having a hard time whittling down the material to include for a successful franchise like the Dolphins. Boy was I wrong. The first disc includes a retrospective of the franchise that clocks in at under 2 hours. It’s okay but omits several historically significant games and rivalries including the 1985 playoff comeback win against the Browns, the playoff comeback win against the Chiefs at Joe Robbie Stadium, the 1986 51-45 shootout with the Jets, the 1990’s rivalry with Buffalo. The list goes on. Somehow NFL Films found time to mention the single victory in a 1-15 season and highlight the recent involvement of the Estefans and Fergie. Unbelievable! The extras are mostly throwaways. There’s a whole feature on the Dolphins very first win in the AFL. Who cares about that? Then there’s the Zach Thomas retirement announcement. Are you kidding? Miami has multiple hall of famers and they picked Zach Thomas’ retirement to highlight? There is a special “NFL Game of the Week” recap of Dan Marino’s first start in 1983 against the Bills and a feature on Super Bowl VIII that are okay. The only really worthwhile extra is the superb America’s Game on the 1972 squad. How about including the 1973 episode too? How about a feature on the Killer B’s, the Marks Brothers, the No Name Defense or the rivalry games with the Pats, Jets and Bills? NFL Films could have knocked it out of the park. Instead they reached first on a throwing error.

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