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Noah Wyle on ‘Falling Skies’ Season 2: ‘We traded cold for wet’

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noah-wyle-falling-skies-season-2.jpgZap2it: “Falling Skies” Season 1, you shot in Toronto, Canada, but for Season 2, you moved to Vancouver. What’s the difference?

Noah Wyle: We traded cold for wet. Toronto for Vancouver, man, cold for wet. Crews are great in both places, which is really all I saw of the city. In five months, I had two days off.

Zap2it: For this show (which premiered June 17) your character, Tom Mason, and the rest of the 2nd Massachusetts always seem to be fighting invading aliens in forests, fields, warehouses and other rough locations. What’s the value in that?

Noah Wyle: Yeah, an abandoned asbestos factory or a railroad. Not a lot of glamour in our world. I say that half in appreciation, because this is not a show that can be easily done in Los Angeles. It’s significant that we’re all away from our comfort zones, in terms of fostering a sense of camaraderie and giving it that patina of authenticity.

Zap2it: You looked thin and haggard in the premiere. Was that makeup or the real thing?

Noah Wyle: [My co-star] Will Patton and I get it going a little bit. We’ll be standing there, “You going to eat that?” “No, I’m looking at it, smelling it.” And then we starve ourselves. We just didn’t eat. We thought, when we come into a huge store of food, we’ll eat. When we come into a place that allows us a moment of respite to shave, we’ll shave. People are going to buy into the authenticity of the show if we look dirty, bloody, greasy, wet, scuffed.

“Falling Skies” airs Sundays on TNT.

Photo/Video credit: TNT

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