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‘Outsiders’ creator breaks down shocking ‘We Are Kinnah’ ending

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After that mic that just dropped, things on “Outsiders” are never going to be the same.

The Kinnah clan was introduced at the beginning of Season 2 and something about them has felt a bit off from the very start — their intentions are now clear, and the Farrels should be very afraid. The group’s leader Moregon (Louise Barnes) has led an uprising, killing a Farrell — and arming her fellow clan members to essentially take G’winveer (Gillian Alexy) hostage.

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But what’s the Kinnah’s ultimate goal? That’s the question we posed to series creator Peter Mattei after watching the episode. He also previews how Big Foster (David Morse) will react to what’s happening and what roles Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst) and Hasil (Kyle Gallner) will play once they find out what’s happened.

This episode ends with the Kinnah essentially taking control of the Farrells, practically holding them hostage. What can you say about their next steps?

Well, what I can say about the Kinnah is they’ve taken G’winveer hostage. They haven’t really taken over the whole Farrell clan — that would be sort of impossible — but they have put them in a rather difficult position, because they have G’winveer.

In terms of their next steps, the Kinnah are very like religious extremists when it comes to living off the grid, and living without technology and all the effects of the modern world. They strongly believe, as you saw in this episode, that all the Farrells’ problems, in terms of being evicted off the mountain, have to do with the fact that they’ve lost touch with their past. They’ve lost their way.

They want to return the clan to its origins, its roots. How they’re going to do that, in the next episode, I think is going to be really quite shocking to the audience. And I hope really enjoyable.

So much of this show has been about Big Foster and his quest for either gaining or maintaining power. With the Kinnah imposing their will on the Farrells, how does he react to that?

I think what we’re going to see from him is a profound sense of self-sacrifice. I don’t want to give you any spoilers, but I think it’s going to be put to him that he can save the clan — but he’s going to have to pay a price for it. And we’ll see him do that.

Given that so much of Season 1 was about Shay Mountain vs. the town trying to evict them, it seems Season 2 is very much about the mountain vs. itself. Since we’ve seen how hostile the Kinnah are, will we be meeting other clans from this vast piece of land?

Well I can’t say if that’ll happen or not. As we saw at the end of Season 1, there are a lot more Farrells than we see week-to-week. There’s lots of possibilities for new people, characters and tribes to be seen there.

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With Lil Foster and Hasil away from their family for the first time, are they out of the loop when it comes to the Kinnah?

They’re unaware. Most contemporary people and contemporary TV shows, people have phones and so on, to stay in touch over a distance. The Farrells don’t have that — so in terms of the writing, we have to be aware of that, and it’ll definitely play into the story — the fact that Hasil doesn’t really know what’s going on with the Kinnah, and that Lil Foster doesn’t either. They will both return to a clan that has been changed.

Given that Hasil chose to leave the mountain to be with Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) and his unborn child, is that something that can be forgiven allowing him to return?

That’s a really good question! I think that we actually really address that question. He will sort of have to regain his graces with the family. He’ll have to work for it.

“Outsiders” airs Tuesdays 9 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

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