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Qigong Recharge, A Daily Practice to Release, Relax and


Jump-Start Your Day with 18 High-Yield Techniques for Relaxed Energy, Supple Movement and Radiant Well-Being

Master Proven Qigong Methods for Greater Energy and Well Being

Imagine: you purchase a fantastic automobile however you by no means change the oil, by no means pump the tires, by no means cost the battery, by no means repair the wiring, by no means clear the inside, by no means change the fluids, by no means change the air filter and switch the motor over as soon as in a blue moon. In no time, your attractive car has turn into a dysfunctional piece of junk. You ve inherited a physique that deserves and desires a good better degree of upkeep, care and respect. And how are you treating your physique every day?

Are your joints supple and well-oiled for straightforward, versatile and pain-free motion? Does the blood pump by your veins with an invigorating, plentiful provide of contemporary oxygen for top efficiency and long-lasting power? Are your bioelectrical circuits at full cost so you’ll be able to surge by your day with regular energy? Is your nervous system relaxed, but primed to answer any stress with a simple confidence? Is your physique immediately eradicating life-killing toxins after they consistently assault you so you’re feeling clear, refreshed and serene all day lengthy? Do you realize the secrets and techniques to jump-starting your day to make sure daily is your greatest day?

If not, then John Du Cane’s Qigong Recharge offers you with a fast-start answer a day by day program of qigong and joint methods to rapidly launch stress, improve mobility and enhance power. Qigong Recharge is ideal as a stand-alone observe or as an energizing warm-up earlier than martial arts, qigong or athletic exercises.

What You Get with John Du Cane s Qigong Recharge

Yields well being advantages even when you do just some minutes a day God s present to vacationers and different super-busy individuals Removes cramps and fatigue from a tough day on the workplace Enjoy a fast energy-break whereas at work Get an immediate, simple, feel-good, mild warm-up Reduce neck and shoulder ache Loosen tight muscle tissue for smoother, cat-like motion Combat computer-hunch by releasing your neck and shoulders Learn tips on how to domesticate and improve your life power Counter the energy-sapping impression of the stress response How to make use of spiral actions to run power by the physique How to provide a superb stretch to the backbone How to cut back the strain in your palms and wrists Increase blood stream to the extremities How to relax at a second s discover How to generate a quick leisure response How to loosen up your waist How to provide your important organs an inner self-massage Discover how the Wall Squat can create a therapeutic energy surge on your physique Build better leg power Restore kidney perform to reinforce your vitality and psychological acuity Discover the little-known secret of qi-hydraulics Discover tips on how to induce spiraling power in your physique How to create a wealthy, free-flowing stream of oxygenated blood that cleanses and nourishes each cell in your physique How to remain open and relaxed whenever you transfer an important talent for…

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