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‘Quantico’ talks glass ceilings: ‘America elected a half as qualified man with next …

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If you weren’t noticing some not so subtle hints about “Quantico’s” opinions on the outcome of the 2016 election in Monday’s (Jan. 30) episode, then you were probably watching a totally different show than the rest of us.

Ever since the terrorist attack struck the G-20 summit in the first episode of the season, we’ve known the President of the United States was one of the hostages. Even worse, they’d beheaded his wife right in front of him. Needless to say, the 25th amendment transferring the power of the executive branch to the Vice President was invoked ASAP.

That Vice President just so happens to be Claire Haas (Marcia Cross).

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As the first female President, Claire is dealing with enough pressure as it is without counting the massive crisis currently happening in New York City. Unfortunately, it happens to be ten times worse than expected, since it turns out Claire played an integral part in forming the AIC in the first place. Oops?

While Claire has never been our favorite character on the show, we couldn’t help cheering for her several times over the course of this episode. During her extended argument with Shelby (Johanna Brady) about the weight of the authority she now holds, “Quantico” took the opportunity to make some thinly veiled declarations about President Trump.

“America elected a half as qualified man with next to no experience,” Claire rants. “A man who’s never stood for anything, who never served this country and who rolled over out of fear when a terrorist demanded it.”

Dang, girl… Drop the mic.

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It’s no coincidence the chief complaints about “Quantico’s” president are the same as most Americans have voiced about Donald Trump. Showrunner Josh Safran even said the show would be dropping in some comparisons after the election in November.

“We are talking a lot about how the female President on our show [Marcia Cross] was not elected,” Safran told The Hollywood Reporter. “She only got that position when the President stepped down. And there’s discussion about how she never would have been elected if she had run herself. So there’s things like that.”

As if the critique on an unqualified male President wasn’t enough, our favorite part of the episode was a particularly poignant line about how many men view the concept of a glass ceiling.

“Men don’t like to admit that glass ceilings exists because they are the glass ceiling,” Claire says.

Someone put that on a poster.

We’re going to go ahead and call this the most feminist and politically relevant episode of “Quantico” yet. Here’s hoping the show keeps dropping truth bombs all year — something tells us they’re only going to get better as this crisis comes to a head.

“Quantico” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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