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‘Quantico’s’ true terrorists revealed — It’s always the quiet ones

We’ve got the names of two more confirmed terrorists on “Quantico” — and now we know why they say, “It’s always the quiet ones.”

Dayana (Pearl Thusi) was always a suspect, even when she was the quietest little mouse on the Farm. Her expertise in torture and incredible pain tolerance tipped us off early, so it wasn’t too shocking to hear that she’s kidnapped Will Olsen (Jay Armstrong Johnson) in an attempt to keep from being found out.

Carly (Paige Patteron), Sebastian’s (David Lim) sweet and devout girlfriend, however, was a pretty huge shock.

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From the moment she was introduced, it seemed like she would only hang around to serve Sebastian’s coming out storyline. He had to choose between a strict and rather judgmental Christian life or being true to himself and embracing his homosexuality. Boiled down, the choice was between Carly and Harry.

That storyline came to a tipping point in “FallenOracle,” when Harry finally revealed the whole story behind his fallen lover, Elliot, who killed himself.

Despite Harry’s heartfelt story — which should have been a huge wake-up call — Sebastian still blamed Harry for his “sinful” feelings, and practically choked him out. This potential romance is officially dead and buried, after that kind of display of violence.

What started out as a cute and potentially revelatory subplot between these boys has turned into something dark and twisted. Unless some drastic changes in both Harry and Sebastian’s behavior happen in the flash forwards, we’re not sure we’re cool with this relationship anymore. Violence outbursts like that are a pretty huge warning sign, after all.

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Not to mention, Sebastian apparently marries Carly (Paige Patterson) at some point down the road. Too bad his wife turned out to be a terrorist.

In an attempt to kill Will (and destroy the only method of finding terrorists among the hostages), Carly sacrificed herself by attacking Harry. Now Carly is dead, Dayana has Will, and Alex is the only one who can go back into the danger zone — and recover the all-important drives the terrorists have stolen off Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor).

“Quantico” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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