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‘Scream Queens’: The Top 3 suspects for the Season 2 killer

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“Scream Queens” took a couple weeks off for the 2016 World Series and the presidential election, which means it’s the perfect time to drill down on the likeliest suspects for the Green Meanie, the killer slicing and dicing his way through the hospital in Season 2.

Screener has given it a lot of thought and we’ve come up with our Top 3 suspects.

3. Dr. Brock Holt

john stamos scream queens Scream Queens: The Top 3 suspects for the Season 2 killer

Something just seems off about Dr. Holt (John Stamos). Maybe it’s the fact that he’s like 50 and Chanel (Emma Roberts) is roughly half his age, but he just seems creepy and menacing like 80 percent of the time. He’s also old enough to have been involved in the 1986 massacre in some way. Add in the fact that his hand transplant came from a serial killer and he’s a viable suspect.

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It also doesn’t seem overly likely that the show has turned any of the returning cast members into the killer (with two caveats, which will get to in a minute), so that points the finger at all the newbies.

2. Nurse Hoffel & Chamberlain

kirstie alley james earl scream queens Scream Queens: The Top 3 suspects for the Season 2 killer

Nurse Hoffel (Kirstie Alley) is definitely suspicious. She’s menacing, just like Dr. Holt, but she also seems like she has an axe to grind about something. Is it because she’s Jane from 1985 and she’s out for revenge with her baby, a.k.a. Chamberlain (James Earl)?

That fits really well into the show so far, but it also seems pretty obvious too. Maybe our previous theory is correct and the baby was actually a girl — Zayday (Keke Palmer). That would be a cool twist.

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However, we’re not sure the show would make Zayday a killer because she’s such a great heroine. So for now, we’re going with Hoffel and Chamberlain, who coincidentally have been missing for large chunks of episodes — is it because they’re running around killing people?

Maybe. But we don’t like them quite as much as our favorite theory …

1. Grace & Hester

skyler samuels lea michele scream queens Scream Queens: The Top 3 suspects for the Season 2 killer

There’s quite a bit of circumstantial evidence mounting that would make these two the best culprits.

First, Hester (Lea Michele) knows way too much about what’s been going on with the murders not to be involved somehow.

Also, she came face to face with the Green Meanie in the Halloween episode and walked away unscathed. One might even say she and the GM were more communicating silently about who was going to kill Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin).

Who better to be working in tandem with Hester than her half-sister Grace (Skyler Samuels)? Grace has been conspicuously absent from Season 2 — not that we thought she was going to be involved, but there hasn’t even been a mention of Grace. It’s a little suspicious.

Plus, she has a great motive: The events of Season 1 turned her bat-crap crazy and now she’s bonding with her sister — just like the Red Devil family affair in Season 1 — by going on a murder spree.

killller Scream Queens: The Top 3 suspects for the Season 2 killer

Furthermore, if Grace is in the Green Meanie costume, that would also explain how female characters — Zayday, Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Denise (Niecy Nash) — have been able to fight equally with the Green Meanie. Not that women can’t be tough and be kick-butt fighters, but men are generally going to be larger and stronger. That’s just physiology. But Grace would be more evenly matched with the women.

Finally, you are surely wondering how Hester/Grace connect to the events of 1985/1986, since those flashbacks aren’t just being shown for no reason. Our theory is that Grace and Hester are using that as their cover. It’s a great way to throw people off their scent.

“Scream Queens” returns Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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