Sex Secrets Of Accused Killer Jodi Arias’ Romance With Slain Travis

By radio detection and ranging Staff

Jodi Arias is on trial and facing a possible death sentence for the bloody murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, and their highly sexualized relationship is going to play a major role in the proceedings, radio detection and is exclusively reporting.

As radio detection and ranging has been reporting, Arias killed Alexander on June 8, 2008, in what she claimed — in her third version of what happened — was an act of self defense.

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In her opening statement in an Arizona courtroom, Arias’ attorney, Jennifer Willmott, claimed her client and Alexander had engaged in hours of rough sex before she accidentally dropped his camera and he responded by attacking her, resulting in her striking back and ultimately killing him in self defense.

There’s no debate between the prosecutors and defense teams that Travis, a Mormon whose religion forbids pre-marital sex, did have an intimate relationship with Arias.

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“As Travis would explain to Jodi, oral sex wasn’t as much of a sin as vaginal sex,” so he convinced her to have oral sex,” Willmott told the jury.  “And later in their relationship, Travis would tell her than anal sex wasn’t as much of a sin as vaginal sex,” as a way to convince her to engage in that as well.

Photos of the pair having sex were on the camera that investigators found at the scene.

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There were also pictures of Alexander posing nude in the shower. They were taken just minutes before images of his bloody, butchered body.

When he was found dead in the shower, prosecutors say Alexander had been shot and stabbed 27 times. His throat was sliced ear to ear.

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Before the shocking killing, the two had sent hundreds of sexy emails and texts to each other. Alexander called his girlfriend a “slut” and a “whore” in one message.

Alexander also sent Arias an instant message where he said,  “I think I was little more than a dildo with a heartbeat to you.”

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Arias was Alexander’s “dirty little secret,” Willmott said, and their relationship was defined by how he psychologically “abused” and “controlled” her, even ordering her to wear a French maid’s outfit when she did house work.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez sees it differently, insisting Arias is no more than a cold blooded killer who rewarded Arias’ love “by stabbing him in the heart.” will be live streaming the trial proceedings when court comes back into session on Tuesday, January 8.


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