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Silly Matthew McConaughey, Harmony Korine Film


There’s a minimum of one scene in Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum, or a minimum of one second anyway, that makes good on the movie’s tacit promise of decadent punk artwork surrealism. Matthew McConaughey’s stoned out, sunburnt poet-urchin of the Florida Keys, “Moondog,” walks by a man taking part in the tuba on a pier for some cause, and gleefully knocks the man into the water. The tuba’s brassy honks turn out to be a shocked queefing for a cut up second earlier than the massive splash punchline. It’s fantastic.

If solely the remainder of the film might’ve achieved that degree of nonsensical perfection. Korine rails towards the standard narrative construction, with Beach Bum extra a sequence of extravagant whims than a film, and perhaps you’ll see “art” in that, but it surely’s fascinating how a lot Korine’s whims appear to resemble comedic autos for rappers from the early aughts, or plot outlines from Adam Sandler films. Giant joints, rastafarians, public intercourse, fixed nudity, and a sequence of bizarre cameos by kitschy celebrities (Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Buffett, Martin Lawrence) — it seems like Korine’s influences for The Beach Bum had been How High and Who’s Your Caddy, realized and laundered by means of Korine’s outsider artist cred. The apparent take is that Korine’s not so completely different from McConaughey’s Moondog, supposedly a well-known poet who makes use of his place to screw waitresses, drink Pabst, and usually make a mockery of well mannered society.

Moondog is The Dude, with out all of the… … film round him. Beach Bum in all fairness enjoyable, extra so if you happen to think about that there have been some squares on the market who actually didn’t need Harmony Korine to make this film, however his dick-centric stoner riffs do pretty shortly turn out to be a little bit of a drone.

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