So About Thursday’s Questionable Fashion Choices …

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08/24/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Miley Cyrus, Ali Larter, Whitney PortPacific Coast News; FilmMagic; Startraks

Was there a full moon last night? A designer clothing shortage, perhaps? Because something wasn’t quite right in the fashion world; we saw more than a few misses, and we’re slightly concerned. Let’s break it down:

Miley Cyrus stepped out in New York City Thursday evening … looking like she’d stepped off the set of a Nirvana video (left). Wearing high-waisted jean shorts with a camo jacket tied around her waist — plus some heavy boots and that super-short platinum haircut — she channeled the punky ’90s, but not in the best way.

Ali Larter took a big risk at the Bachelorette premiere in Los Angeles (center), wearing a black-and-white striped crop top and matching pants on the red carpet. While the ensemble left us speechless (though Ali definitely has the body to rock it), at press time, 20 percent of you “Loved It” in “Last Night’s Look.”

Whitney Port also had a bit of a misstep Thursday (right), choosing a cutout black top, red midi skirt and black-and-white leather blazer for an event in Sydney (only 20 percent of you “Loved” this one, too). The proportions were all wrong, and the outfit did anything but flatter Whit’s tall, slender frame.

Ladies, let’s get real for a second: we know all three of you can dress well — we’ve seen awesome examples from each of you in recent weeks (below). And your clothing budgets all dwarf our salaries, so money obviously isn’t the issue. We’re all for fashion dares, but every look has its limits. We’ll be eager to see what you wear next.

Miley Cyrus, Ali Larter, Whitney PortSplash News Online; WireImage; Startraks


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