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Star Wars’ John Boyega displays on “wins” of post-franchise life

Star Wars actor John Boyega has revealed that abandoning the blockbuster franchise has had one main upside – he now really has time to consider how his life has modified.

The actor, who performed stormtrooper-turned-rebel-hero Finn within the three Star Wars sequels, instructed CinemaMix that he is lastly capable of look again on how his life has modified prior to now six years and he is had a good time being “nostalgic”.

“I think for me, honestly, it’s been all good,” he stated. “It’s been great because I’ve been able to go home and ask that fundamental question that I couldn’t answer throughout the six years (which) was, ‘What just happened to me?'”

rey daisy ridley and finn john boyega in the force awakens


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The actor proved that he is a correct fan of the franchise as he revealed that he is surrounded by “Star Wars memorabilia” at dwelling and added that he’s having fun with spending extra time at dwelling after experiencing a whirlwind few years.

“I’ve still got my audition scripts. I’ve still got notes for what time I’m supposed to get to the audition and schedule, all of that stuff,” he stated. “So it’s more of a time, for me anyway, to just kind of be a bit nostalgic and really take in the moments that I was able to enjoy. And then now, I have time for family. So it’s really, really a win-win.”

Adding that he’s planning to have a good time Star Wars day by watching the entire movies within the saga along with his household (with The Rise of Skywalker launching on Disney+ on May 4), he additionally addressed that widely-discussed chemistry between Finn and his pal Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac).

“I don’t think anybody really digged our chemistry until maybe when we had that original audition,” he stated. “The chemistry was so great that I think that idea came from the fans, to be honest. There wasn’t a conversation about it during episode seven, even when Oscar does the mouth bite. I think what you’re seeing there is the love between me and Oscar in real life which is our intense bromance.”

poe dameron lip bite star wars the force awakens


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He added that when followers began to select up on the pair’s chemistry after The Force Awakens was launched, the actors began pondering: “Ooh, that could be a possibility”.

“But then obviously it just wasn’t going in that direction,” he continued. “But we would play it up, we did a little bit. We’d just think about it. The hugs, the hand on the back of the neck. I’m like, ‘Okay Oscar, you’re giving them a little nugget.’ So the fans maybe that wanted Finn-Poe can believe that whatever happened in the trilogy, maybe perhaps something happened in the future, who knows?”

Actor Isaac has beforehand admitted that he “kind of hoped and wished” that the pair’s relationship had been explored additional within the movies.

“It seemed like a natural progression but sadly enough, it’s a time when people are too afraid, I think, of… I don’t know what,” he stated. “If they’d have been boyfriends, that will have been enjoyable.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is out now on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and digital obtain. It will land on Disney+, Sky Cinema and NOW TV on May 4.

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