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Stop Everything! Frank Ocean Is Livestreaming New Music From Boys Don't

UPDATE: Frank Ocean has released a visual album titled Endless on Apple Music. It’s reported to feature Ocean in the same warehouse as the livestream, along with new music. However, it’s reportedly not to be confused with his Boys Don’t Cry album. Pitchfork reports that an Apple Music rep said to “keep an eye out this weekend for more from Frank.” Are we getting two projects from Ocean? Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out.


Just when you think all hope is lost, and perhaps the dream of new Frank Ocean music is just a distant wish, you get what you’ve been asking for.

The musician, who has been teasing fans with a new album for quite a while now, surprised everyone with what seems to be tracks off of his upcoming project Boys Don’t Cry tonight through a mysterious livestream on the website. Despite August 18, 2016, not being a date stamped on that infamous library card, it turned out to be the magical day to hear what Ocean’s been working on during all this time away.

The black and white livestream shows a man, who many believe is Ocean (but we can’t be sure), building what looks like a set of stairs in a large studio while the music plays in the background. And speaking of the tunes, it’s hitting the spot, y’all.

With his signature smooth melodies and beats, it’s easy to get lost in the sound, which is precisely what we love about Frank Ocean’s music, and why so many fans were pissed that it’s taken four years to get some more. But, let us not live in the past. We are here now.

However, this is all assuming that what we’re actually hearing is in fact his new album. You can’t blame people for being suspicious. This entire experience has given many fans trust issues.

Boys Don’t Cry was promised to drop a few weeks ago, and people waited up to snag their first listen and to purchase a copy, but were left brokenhearted when nothing ended up being released. Naturally, everyone took to Twitter to express their dismay.

Regardless, Frank Ocean, we been thinkin’ about you. And we’re glad to know that you do think about us still.

Originally published on Aug. 18, 2016, at 8:11 p.m. PST.

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