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‘Survivor’: Jeff Probst names the top 5 Tribal Councils of all time — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Last week, Survivor: Philippines’ Angie left Jeff Probst speechless when she opined that the cure to all her tribe’s woes was a nice big plate of cookies. But Angie’s cookie craving was merely the latest in a long line of eye-popping, jaw-dropping moments to occur at Tribal Council. With this being the show’s landmark 25th season, we went to the host with the most to get his picks for the five best Tribal Councils ever. And where better to get his selections than at Tribal Council itself? While out on location for Survivor: Philippines, I cornered Probst right after he snuffed Zane’s torch on day 3 to get his official list.

With well over 300 Tribal Councils to choose from, Probst certainly had plenty of crazy moves and moments worth considering, but he’s come up with a pretty nice list. Watch the video below (complete with footage from said moments) to see Probst’s picks, and then let us know your list of top five Tribal Councils. And for more Survivor scoop all season long, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. Take it away, Jeff…

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