Clint Eastwood thinks ”nice fella” Obama needs proper advisers

Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood says he is not satisfied with President Barack Obama’s job. “You know, I think he””s a nice fella, and I enjoyed watching him come along. And I enjoyed his watching him campaign and win the job. But I””m not a fan of what he””s doing at the moment,” CBS News quoted him

Clint Eastwood opens up about his love for jazz

Clint Eastwood has confessed his love for jazz music in a rare interview with musician Jamie Cullum. The Dirty Harry legend and Hollywood veteran became unlikely pals after the jazz pianist composed the main score for Eastwood”s 2008 drama Gran Torino. And the actor/director has chosen the diminutive star”s BBC Radio 2 show to talk

Clint Eastwood bans family from celebrating his 80th birthday

Movie legend Clint Eastwood has decided not to celebrate his 80th birthday.
The movie icon has even asked his wife Dina, 44, and other relatives not to do anything special on the occasion.
“Once you get in the 70s, several things happen, the Sun quoted his as saying,” the Sun quoted him as saying.
He added: “One is,