Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Kissing Photos Instigate Death Threats For

Well….you knew this was coming. The new year brought proof of the long-rumored romance between pop heartthrob Justin Bieber and Disney actress Selena Gomez — and perhaps not surprisingly, the news has infuriated Bieber’s devoted legion of young female fans. In fact, they’re already bombarding Selena with electronic death threats. In a series of snaps

Bristol Palin ”fan mail” containing white powder, threats rocks DWTS

An envelope containing a mysterious white powder arrived at the ”Dancing with the Stars” studio with Bristol Palin”s name on it, it has emerged. A staffer on the hit dance show reportedly found the powder and a threatening letter in fan mail addressed to Palin, according to TMZ. Police and emergency responders arrived at the

Cheryl Cole Death Threats Under Investigation Following “X Factor” Scandal

Gamugate Hits The UK! Singer Cheryl Cole is reportedly receiving death threats after she axed an African-born singer from the television show The X Factor. The threats have come on the heels of the elimination of 18-year-old singer Gamu Nhengu, who was cut from the ITV show last weekend despite becoming a huge hit with

Anti-Justin Bieber Software Sparks Death Threats

It seems homicidal tendencies are the leading side effect of Bieber fever! A new application will scrub teen heartthrob Justin Bieber from your computer, but the software has inspired a dangerous backlash for the program’s creator.The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab has teamed up with computer software designer Greg Leuch to create an application

Justin Bieber Fever Sparks Kim Kardashian Death Threats

No one will stand between Justin Bieber fans and their floppy-haired Messiah — not even stunning reality personality Kim Kardashian. Just days after a group of crazed teen girls in New Zealand knocked the teen crooner’s mother to the ground in an attempt to get close to the heartthrob, Kardashian has confessed that she’s been flooded