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Jodi Arias Jury Foreman Receiving Threats, Defended By His Son

William Zervakos, the jury foreman in the Jodi Arias case, has been receiving threats ever since the panel deadlocked on the sentencing phase, and now his son is claiming he’s receiving death threats.

“Today I read hate mail my dad had gotten. Some person had sent him a threatening message complete with his email address, full name, and phone number (which at the very least means that this guy should retake Hate Mail 101). I also read some comments on an article online about my dad. Surreal. They say my dad was fooled by the defendant, that he was taken with her, that he hated the prosecutor,” Zervakos’ son wrote on his public blog, Ten Thousand Hours .

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As radio detection and reported, Zervakos did not vote for the death penalty, and later commented that Arias “was crucified in the court of public opinion.”

His son points out that a jury can’t consider public opinion.

“What you see and what you are ‘mandated’ to consider and not consider is different from what Nancy Grace‘s  viewership gets to see,” he wrote.

“They are allowed to foam at the mouth for five months with bloodlust, knowing from day one that the defendant is guilty as sin. But a juror is told to leave emotion and sensationalism at the door so that the defendant can have a fair trial.”

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The foreman’s son ended his emotional tribute with a simple, “Dad: I love you. And I am proud today, and I am proudest today, that you are my dad.”

Another jury will be seated in July to start all over in considering whether Arias should be put to death or spend the rest of her life in prison.

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