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‘The Bachelor’: Nick is going to crush Raven’s heart & she may crush is skull in…

Raven, the petite southern beauty who exudes more personality in one date than most women during their entire stint on “The Bachelor,” has officially let down her guard.

Well, insofar as it was ever actually “up” — she was the first girl to proudly blurt out that she was falling in love with Nick, and on Monday night (Feb. 27) she straight-up told him she’s “in love.” How Raven managed to get through this emotional conversation with a straight face, we’ll never know. (And however they pulled it off, the genius producer that convinced Nick to that atrocity of a sweater will never get the credit they deserve.)

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Anyway: Unlike Corinne, Raven’s craziness does not come off as made-for-TV. Corinne’s antics were obviously ramped up — but Raven’s quirks seem genuine,  totally unaware anything she says or does could be misconstrued as being a little off. This 25-year-old fashion boutique owner is living her truth.

dear sweet raven  the bachelor  The Bachelor: Nick is going to crush Ravens heart & she may crush is skull in return

And it’s around this time in the cycle producers push for a misdirection: Now that Corinne is gone, and Rachel’s already been announced as the next “Bachelorette,” so we fear this current campaign for viewers to root for Nick and Raven is the big red herring: When Nick eventually breaks her heart, then, it’ll really pack a punch.

Sounds harsh, but this TV: Any producer is obviously more into ratings than Raven’s well-being. Vanessa has been a frontrunner from the beginning, and throughout the season has continued to ramp up a good amount fans. While her hometown date was a disaster, she still seems like The One for Nick. These two have a connection. Whether it’s truly an “I do” type of love, that’s another issue entirely.

raven and nick no chemistry  the bachelor  The Bachelor: Nick is going to crush Ravens heart & she may crush is skull in return

Raven’s an adorable chatterbox, so her one-on-one time with Nick has never seemed awkward, least of all boring. But if you focus on Nick during these dates, he’s just… there. He’s not hanging onto every word she says like he does with Vanessa; even when sharing the deeply personal moment of discovering her father is cancer-free, that palpable chemistry is still missing. We need something to convince us that Raven’s still got a chance, and this week was time to do it.

During the fantasy suite date in Finland, Raven opens up to Nick that she’s only slept with one person before… And while she’s on the topic, that she’s never had an orgasm, either. Why she would decide to tell Nick her “innermost secret” on camera for all of America to hear? There’s no good answer to that. There is no good reason for any of this.

fallin in love raven gif  the bachelor The Bachelor: Nick is going to crush Ravens heart & she may crush is skull in return

We are to assume Nick slept with Raven in the Fantasy Suite. And we also have to assume, to use her words, “the fireworks” she’s so desperately yearned for, came into play. And an evening like that will seal the deal for Raven. She will walk away confident, zero doubts Nick will be proposing to her during the finale — after such an intimate experience, and with so little experience to compare, it will be impossible for her to imagine that feeling between two people could ever be replicated.

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As they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned — and if we were Nick, we’d be scared. This is not some girl you can sleep with and expect to deal with her heartbreak in silence. She will honestly be blindsided if when Nick doesn’t choose her in the end, and that’s a mess waiting to happen — or more accurately, a fuse being lit.

You can’t force anyone to love anyone, and Raven is better off in the long run without Nick by her side. On the other hand, we don’t see him being totally in love with Vanessa. The only thing Nick is in love with is being on “Dancing with that Stars” — which, if rumors are correct, will be confirmed when ABC announces next season’s cast on Wednesday (March 1) — so it’s frustrating to know he’s going to wreck Raven’s heart for a relationship that will never work out.

vanessa  the bachelor  gif The Bachelor: Nick is going to crush Ravens heart & she may crush is skull in return

What will Raven do when if Nick doesn’t get down on one knee and propose to her during the finale? Homegirl could rip off her shoe and pull her signature move on Nick’s well-coifed noggin. Hell, she may even go after Vanessa, too.

There’s no telling what Raven will do — and that’s why we love her so much.

“The Bachelor” airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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