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The Bachelorette's Newest Couple Makes Their Public Debut on After the Final Rose

So what’s next for JoJo and Jordan? 

The newly (publicly) engaged couple finally made their debut in front of the world tonight after Jordan Rodgers was finally revealed as The Bachelorette’s season 12 winner.

Apparently, he and JoJo are about to move to Dallas just as soon as they possibly can, which is also as soon as their obligatory press tour comes to an end.  

“My bags are packed,” Jordan told Chris Harrison when he asked about the next step in the relationship. “We have a house in Dallas, we’re moving in right after this.” 

Harrison tried to ask about the Rodgers family drama, but Jordan clearly didn’t have any interest in talking about it, and JoJo only barely commented. 

“It’s the same situation that it’s been, but it’s not the focus for us right now,” she said. “It’s about us.” 

“We got furniture to buy, we got lots on the list,” Jordan added. 

As for the wedding planning, JoJo and Jordan have yet to set a date or pick a venue, but JoJo says she’s been texting with Jordan’s mom about picking a date and venue. 

Right now, the couple is more interested in just being in public. 

“Just so excited to be normal, and to be together, and just let people see us together,” JoJo said. “I think that’s been the most exciting thing for me.” 

“You don’t know how many dumb pictures we’ve taken with each other on Snapchat. It’ll just be fun to be us,” said Jordan. 

Of course, JoJo also had her moment with Robby, and it was pretty clear that she no longer thought about him at all anymore.

“My heart always was with Jordan, and I couldn’t imagine ever saying goodbye to him, and that’s kind of the thing that I was thinking about the whole time,” she told Robby. He said once again that he was happy that she was happy, and all seemed about as well as it could be. 

Of course, we didn’t get any Bachelor announcement tonight, so we’ll just have to wait to find out whether Luke, Chase, or some other surprise guy will show up to take on the challenge next season. 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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