‘The Dark Knight Rises’ IMAX Poster: Bane Is Terrifying (PHOTO)

Holy smokes, Batman!

If your other senses were feeling neglected while streaming the film’s entire soundtrack, don’t despair — with only eight days (!) to go, everything’s coming up “Dark Knight.”

First up: the legitimately terrifying IMAX poster. You may not be able to understand Bane, but, a picture is worth a thousand words. (“Ahh!” counts.)

However, it’s not all about Bane in the Gotham. Director Christopher Nolan teased that there might be a Catwoman spin-off in the works.

“She’s an incredible character and we’re very excited to see her and hopefully we’ll leave people wanting more,” he told Access Hollywood.

“For me, Gotham and these characters, I’m done. I’ve told our story and I’m moving on,” he continued. “[But] I certainly think she deserves [another chance], she’s incredible.”

And last but not least: A new clip from the film also hit the web today. Here, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is limping around — (Caned Crusader!) — while Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) teases a new vehicle he calls “The Bat.”

Take a look at the clip above and the poster below. (Who’s speaking incomprehensibly now?)

“The Dark Knight Rises,” starring Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Freeman, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman, hits theaters July 20.

bane imax poster the dark knight

[via Comics Alliance/Deadline]

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