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The Fifth 'Indiana Jones' Movie Plans to Put Indy Back on a Proper

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is an odd movie. It was a big hit and by no means an unwatchable disaster, yet it’s still a movie that some fans are happy to pretend doesn’t exist. If you happen to be one of those people who just couldn’t take some of Crystal Skull’s flourishes, but you stil love the franchise as a whole, then today brings encouraging news.

Collider spoke to screenwriter David Koepp about his work on the currently untitled Indiana Jones 5. Naturally the topic of Crystal Skull came up, and instead of throwing the maligned movie under the bus, Koepp instead took the time to pinpoint why it didn’t work. It’s worth heading to Collider for Koepp’s full thoughts, but it basically boils down to this: Indiana Jones just didn’t have the right motivations in Crystal Skull. It’s a movie where a lot of things happen to Indy and he bumbles along for the ride. It’s not like the previous three films where he is actively, aggressively questing for something of his own accord.

That’s a seemingly small distinction, but in the world of an Indiana Jones movie it means everything, and Koepp is promising that they’re really letting the chase dictate the story for Indiana Jones 5. He won’t say precisely what Indy is looking for in it, but getting back to the character’s roots surely has to be a big step in the right direction.

In the same conversation Koepp also confirms that George Lucas, who co-created Indiana Jones back in the day, has no involvement with the new movie whatsoever. That shouldn’t be surprising, though. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, Lucas stepped away from everything he created. Most notably that meant leaving Star Wars behind, but it also applied to Indiana Jones.

As for this untitled fifth movie, it still doesn’t have a release date, or a start date. But we now know it has a script, it sounds like it’s learned the right lessons from Crystal Skull, and now it’s just waiting for Steven Spielberg’s schedule to open up.

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