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‘The Flash’ changing course for Season 4: No speedster big bad

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After three seasons of very fast villains, there’s a major change coming to the fourth season of “The Flash.” The big bad next year won’t be a fellow speedster putting Barry’s powers to the test. Instead, the show is zagging in a different direction.

That revelation came from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg during a panel for The CW’s superhero shows at the Paley Festival. In explaining using Savitar in Season 3, the EP explained that the show had to find someone scarier than Zoom (Teddy Sears) to pit against Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) — and now, it’s time for something new.

We can’t say we disagree. While “The Flash” has introduced some very dastardly villains in its three seasons — Reverse Flash in Season 1, Zoom the next year, currently Savitar — the idea of switching things up is an enticing one. It’ll give Barry and the rest of Team Flash an entirely new set of challenges and circumstances to face head-on.

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You can’t help but wonder exactly who they’ll be battling, though. The series has run through a number of class “Flash” comic book villains already, from Pied Piper and Gorilla Grodd to Mirror Master and Captain Cold. Still, with over 60 years of history in the comics there are plenty characters for producers to mine. There’s also the distinct possibility they could create their own adversary — as “Arrow” has done with Prometheus in Season 5.

While there are still next to no details — and with Season 4 months away — we can’t help but be excited about this new chapter in “The Flash.” Anything that helps Barry on his journey to become the hero he wants to be, we’re all for.

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Additional reporting by Lindsay MacDonald.

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