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‘The Flash’ gives Barry and Iris a gigantic moment and we’re scared

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If there’s anything to say about Season 3 of “The Flash,” it’s that they’ve definitely doubled down on Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) falling in love. They got together, moved in together, Barry is focused on saving Iris’s life… And now, the show’s taken huge leap with “Attack on Gorilla City.”

Barry proposed marriage.

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And what’s more, he slyly revealed that he asked for Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) permission before doing so. It’s a arrive moment for Barry and Iris, but moreso an incredible moment for “The Flash.” Since getting Barry and Iris together, “The Flash” hasn’t spent a ton of time with these two lovebirds at home. There’s always something bigger and more important going on.

In a way, that’s what made switching Barry and Iris from best friends and pseudo-siblings to a couple work so well. It wasn’t a massive focus. Instead, it’s just the way it was. These two have been dancing circles around their feelings for years, and when it finally happened, it was just a natural fit.

Are they ready for marriage, though? That’s a huge step — and if we’re being honest, they haven’t been together all that long. Then again, these two have always moved at their own speed.

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But given the current state of affairs in Central City, we’re worried. Barry is convinced — or is at least acting like he is — that he can defeat Savitar, and save Iris from the future death he witnessed. While we want to believe that, speeding toward marriage has a “bucket list” vibe to it.

We have no doubt Barry wants to marry Iris — and though she has yet to respond, there’s little you can do to convince us she’ll say no. The timing is a bit scary, though. Are they preparing for a worst case scenario? What’s more, are they actually ready to become man and wife? It’s these questions that will be ringing in the minds of viewers as Savitar makes his grand return, prepared to destroy anything and everything Barry loves. After all, he made some promises during his last visit — including the twist that one of Team Flash’s own would betray him.

We still don’t know who that person — is but they could spell utter disaster for any happily ever after Barry and Iris might have planned.

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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