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‘The Good Fight’ returns its focus to the firm in the slower-paced ‘Reddick v Bosema…

After last week’s episode of “The Good Fight”  wrapped up the excellent witch hunt storyline that brought both Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry) and Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) back from “The Good Wife,” we were left wondering what the show would do for three more episodes.

We got our answer with Sunday’s (April 2) episode, “Reddick v Boseman,” which introduced the heretofore unseen founding partner of the firm, Carl Reddick, played by the wonderful Louis Gossett Jr.

Unfortunately, his introduction was not all we had hoped it would be. All season we’ve been wondering if we would get to meet Reddick, imagining some larger than life character played by a larger than life legendary actor — and that’s sort of what we got, but Reddick’s introduction was definitely not as strong as it could have been.

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He comes into the firm upset about what’s been happening lately with the grand jury rumors, which makes sense, and he wants to wrest control of the firm away from Adrian (Delroy Lindo) by calling for a full partnership vote.

That could have been an interesting face-off if it was the focus of the episode, but Adrian, Reddick, Diane (Christine Baranski) and Barbara (Erica Tazel) all get bogged down in defending Pastor Jeremiah (Frankie Faison), another “Good Wife” familiar face, who is being accused of raping a tenant at the halfway house he set up to help people.

And while this case of the week gave investigator Jay (Nyambi Nyambi) and wannabe investigator Marissa (Sarah Steele) some fun screentime together — and Frankie Faison is always welcome on our TVs — it wasn’t nearly interesting enough to make up for not getting to watch more of the actual Reddick versus Boseman.

At episode’s end, the full partnership vote ended up being tied 12-12, which means Reddick’s fight to take his firm back will continue, but this introduction was so lackluster that it makes us leery of this being the main storyline for the final two episodes.

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We’ll give “The Good Fight” the benefit of the doubt since overall it has put forth a solid first season, but it may have been more compelling if the writers had flipped the Reddick and Kresteva plotlines in the arc of the season.

Side note: It wasn’t a major plotline, but kudos on the Henry Rindell (Paul Guilfoyle) B-plot this week. Henry decides to commit suicide and the sequence of him readying himself for it as Maia (Rose Leslie) frantically tries to reach her father was really well done. We’re glad he ended up botching the attempt, because Maia is much more interesting in her current situation than if her whole life is completely derailed by her father’s suicide — plus, Henry’s “ouch” upon landing on the barn floor was a nice bit of comic relief after all the tension of his suicide set-up.

“The Good Fight” drops Saturdays at midnight PT on CBS All Access.

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