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‘The Jeff Probst Show’ premiere: Are you saying ‘yes’?

jeff-probst-show.jpg“The Jeff Probst Show” — the new daytime talker hosted by the Emmy-winning “Survivor” host and producer — premiered today (Sept. 10). It faced some stiff competition: Katie Couric’s own show, “Katie,” debuted today, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” launched its 10th season, and “The Talk” ladies appeared without makeup (gasp).

Probst’s unique format is heavy on audience interaction and features the stories of non-celebrity guests who “say yes to life.”

Probst’s first guest, like his short-lived “Live for the Moment” series (canceled after its pilot episode), was a cancer patient with a terminal diagnosis. Her carpe diem story was followed by a precocious 8-year-old’s lemonade fundraisers to end child slavery in Nepal.
Next up: the “Guys on the Couch” advice segment, in which dudes from the audience join Probst answering questions from women.

Probst closed out the hour with the “Ambush Adventure”: which challenge an audience member to “say yes” to an adventure without knowing what it is.

What do you think of “The Jeff Probst Show”? Are you “all in” like his featured guests?

Photo/Video credit: The Jeff Probst Show

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