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The 'Justice League Dark' Movie Is Now Happening with 'Edge of Tomorrow' Di…

Suicide Squad may have ultimately ended up disappointing fans, but if what drew you to the movie was a desire to see an ensemble about troubled people with powers becoming the heroes they never really wanted to be, then we’ve got some exciting news for you: Justice League Dark is still happening.

It’s now being called Dark Universe and will be directed by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Smith) based off of a script written by Guillermo del Toro, who will also produce. As of now there are no plot details, but we do have a character roster of who is expected to make up this alternative Justice League. It includes:

John Constantine

Swamp Thing

Dead Man


Etrigan the Demon

Dark Universe does not currently have a release date, and it’s stumbled to get off of the starting line before (Del Toro was going to direct it at one point) so it’s certainly possible it’ll stall out again. However, Warner Bros. may have found a bit of a secret weapon in the form of Liman. Big budget superhero movies are notorious for undergoing script changes throughout production, and while that may throw off some filmmakers, it’s actually an area in which Liman excels. If you happen to have the Edge of Tomorrow Blu-ray (another WB movie), check out its making-of special features that aren’t afraid to show how Liman’s non-traditional creative process can really bring out some fantastic results, even in the middle of a ton of production chaos. He may be precisely what the DC movie universe needs right now.

Until we know more, here’s a throwback to when Constantine first hit the big screen.

[embedded content]

Note: It also seems that Liman has dropped off of Gambit, which has already lost a few directors.

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