The Matrix Collection: 4 Film Favorites

The Matrix Collection: 4 Film Favorites

Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 11/11/2008 Run time: 492 minutes

Rating: (out of 28 reviews)

List Price: $ 17.98

Price: $ 8.35

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5 thoughts on “The Matrix Collection: 4 Film Favorites

  1. Review by E. Engle for The Matrix Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    RedSabbath (Eric) put it best, read his review…

    If you are just looking for the movies, this is for you. It is literally a copy of the movie discs for each respective movie pressed on one side of the dvd. If you are expecting lots of extras buy the more expensive collector’s edition or shell out the money for the blu-ray series. I did not have any duplicates as some have complained, and there was not a single scratch on mine. If you really only want the movies this is a great economical choice.

  2. Review by Kevin L. Nenstiel for The Matrix Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    This omnibus puts all four Matrix movies on two double-sided discs in one snap case, for only the cost of a single DVD at most discount stores. That’s at least a couple of evenings’ viewing, and is probably good if you and your friends want to have a chat-and-chew film circle. Though the movies could charitably be called hit-or-miss in their consistency and quality, this collection at least makes them all available at low cost.

    But this collection is cheaply done, with no special features, and the laminate surface only loosely glued down. Unless you handle the discs with latex gloves and keep them in their case like precious jewels, they will have a short shelf life. Perhaps that’s not a problem if you only want to watch the films a time or two, but if you want to add them to your permanent collection, that can be a pretty serious drawback.

    These DVDs are best suited for a collection meant for kids’ parties, dorm rooms, and private film club viewings. They’re not durable enough for your archive, and not broad enough for film buffs who like commentaries and featurettes. If you want to space out in front of a hip sci-fi movie, get this DVD. If you hope to reclaim the grandeur you felt when you first saw The Matrix, get a proper DVD.

  3. Review by Music Is The Best for The Matrix Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    I don’t notice the transfer things. The movies play as they should , and they look awesome, and they’re not scratchy. I don’t get what the others are complaining about.

    The Matrix- 5/5, best out of the series. Most compelling plot of the 3 (or 4, if you include Animatrix), and is the most interesting.

    The Matrix Reloaded- 3/5- The movie had more action than it did substance, and depth stoy-wise. It looked nice, but the movie itself was a little short on story. It’s worth watching if you want eye candy. Some things are really unexplained and weird though. About 30 minutes in there’s an underground rave in the real world, and it doesn’t make sense how they got the instruments, clothes, and technology. The clothes was the weirdest part. They were all modern, and perfect, unshredded. You’d think after thousands of years underground, they’d lose the time to make decent clothing when they’re in the middle of a war.

    The Matrix Revolutions- 4/5 A pretty good ending to a great story. Makes up for #2, but still not as good as #1

    The Animatrix- Not Rating- Some of it was interesting, some of it was dull. The animation is nice I guess. It’s nothing amazing like Triplets of Belleville.

    Overall this is a great set, because it is cheap, and you get the movies in good standard definition.

  4. Review by Brian M. Russick for The Matrix Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    There’s no reason to spend more money on the Matrix Box Set unless you want all of the additional footage from behind the scenes ETC. This has ONLY the movies and that was good enough for me. In my opinion though, only the first Matrix is worth watching more than once. The 2nd and 3rd one are flashy with effects but the stories suck. There were no problems with the discs. Buy this if you just want the movies!

  5. Review by Eric Ericson for The Matrix Collection: 4 Film Favorites
    There’s really no reason to go into describing The Matrix Trilogy. Unless you lived under a rock for the past ten years, The Matrix is one of the most original and influential Science Fiction films of recent memory. Starring Keanu Reeves and directed by The Wachowski Brothers (who recently gave us the live-action Speed Racer film), this tale of computers taking over the reality of the human race and a small group of survivors in constant battle to win back their independence, successfully blasted it’s way through theatres between the years of 1999 thru 2003. Complete with two theatrical sequels and one direct-to-video animated film called “The Animatrix”, it was THE complete tale to own on DVD. Each film was released separately on the format as two-disc sets complete with somewhat bloated extras (The first and animated releases keep the extras on the film disc). But back in 2004, Warner Bros. released the “Ultimate Matrix Collection”, a whopping ten disc collection featuring a brand new transfer of the first film and even more behind-the-scenes footage. But at a steep price of $52.00, for someone that really just wanted the movies, it wasn’t all that practical. Now Warner Bros has introduced The Matrix to it’s “4 Film Favorites” line, and the result is a great buy for the fan that just wants the films but at a more reasonable price.

    Let me explain what you exactly get here. Housed in one original sized keepcase with a leaf in the middle to separate the two discs inside, each disc is a DVD-18, otherwise known as “dual-sided/dual-layed”. Imagine if you took say The Matrix DVD and glued/attached it’s label side to the label side of the first movie disc of The Matrix Reloaded. Then did the same thing to Disc One of Matrix Revolutions and the single disc of The Animatrix. That’s pretty much what this set is. Each side is an EXACT, down to the bitrate quality, copy of the original release as it was when first released. Same menus, video/audio, Disc One extras, and all. Nothing has been changed except there’s no picture label side now. Sure, the Disc Two’s of Reloaded/Revolutions are absent now, but for under $12, and if you only want the movies that still are presented in their original Anamorphic Widescreen video, this for the tight-walleted film fans out there that never bothered to buy these films in the first place is truly the best way to go.

    If the set has any cons, the first film is from 1999 DVD master, and while it’s okay, it’s still nowhere near the quality of the 2004 remaster that for Standard Definition discs is still exclusive to the Ultimate boxset. The transfers on the other three films here DO match in quality since they all were shot digitally to begin with, so one out of three isn’t all that bad. Also, in order to give two full dual-layered presentations on just one disc, they HAVE to be dual-sided, otherwise known as “flippers”. With flippers, each side is untouchable so to not get unwanted scratches on either side, you have to be more careful with them than a single-sided disc with it’s label side that can be handled much easier.

    In conclusion, if you never bothered in buying either the individual releases or the high-priced boxset, this 4 Film Favorites set for the cost and space-saving is an excellent deal. Other than losing a bonus disc of features that you probably would watch just once anyway, you get the whole Matrix for the cost of just one tiny little red pill.

    (RedSabbath Rating:8.5/10)

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