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The Royals Recap: Prince Robert's Dramatic Homecoming Includes an Awkward Reunion With Lia…

There’s about to be a shake-up in the monarchy.

Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) were definitely shocked and overjoyed to learn Prince Robert (Max Brown) was still alive in Sunday’s all-new episode of The Royals. It was the kind of genuine, good news the family hadn’t experienced in quite some time—especially with all the murders, blackmail and lies swirling around.

But Robert’s homecoming inevitably meant drama, too. The rightful heir had returned and would undoubtedly challenge his uncle, Scar King Cyrus (Jake Maskall), for the throne. And, let’s not forget the fact that Prince Liam (William Moseley) was still sleeping with his girlfriend!

Get all the details on this dysfunctional, family reunion in tonight’s recap!

Robert was in for a rude awakening shortly after his return when he encountered a drunk Cyrus while comforting his mother and sister. The king almost couldn’t believe his eyes after stumbling in on the affectionate scene. “I have no idea what kind of s–t you’re up to now, but you’ve already won,” he told Helena.

“What could you possibly need with a Robert double?” But after taking a closer look, he sort of realized it was his real nephew. “Maybe it is you,” Cyrus admitted. “But if so, I guess you’ve all got a lot to catch up on. To be clear, daddy’s dead!”

Meanwhile, Liam had spent another night with Kathryn (Christina Wolfe). But when Jasper (Tom Austen) learned of the big news, he barged into her apartment and requested he return to the palace immediately.

Liam was just as shocked as anyone to see his brother standing there in the flesh. “Where the hell have you been?” Robert asked, after they shared a warm embrace. “I could say the same to you,” Liam responded.

Queen Helena wanted to keep Robert’s return a secret until the family could announce it properly. So, she made a plan with her children to keep a lid on it until the morning’s press conference that was already scheduled to declare Liam and Eleanor’s true paternity. “Don’t give any indication of abnormalities,” she instructed. 

But Liam was distracted from the reunion by Kathryn’s worried texts asking about what was going on. “Your dear, late brother returns from the dead, and you can’t stop texting,” Robert joked.

And, Liam wasn’t the only one who was preoccupied. With her older brother back, Eleanor was struggling to tell him about her relationship with Jasper because she feared Robert wouldn’t approve. “What if he doesn’t like him?” she wondered to Liam. “And, Jaspenor is not exactly the standard we-met-in-a-bar story.” Liam advised her to just be honest and open with Robert, especially after all he’s been through.

Eleanor eventually mustered up the courage to introduce Jasper to Robert, even though it was a tad awkward. “So, it’s serious then?” Robert asked. He was accepting, especially since Jasper was the one who discovered King Simon’s murderer. “Of course, I have high standards for my only sister, but it’s sure a hell of a start,” he said.

Elsewhere, Cyrus’ ex-wife dropped by uninvited after hearing about his cancer diagnosis to revel in his misery. The king wasn’t exactly thrilled to see his baby mama and former lover since the stress of losing the throne had already taken its toll. “Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse,” he moaned.

“Frankly, you’ve taken all the fun out of it with this depressing scene,” she told him. “By the looks of it, you won’t be around long enough for the cancer to take you.” She confessed she also wanted to look over his will before he died and their daughter took the crown. That’s when he broke the unfortunate news that it will never happen because Liam and Eleanor had been proven legitimate and Robert was still alive.

She then decided to whip him into shape with multiple slaps across the face. “You’re going to lie down while they put a legally dead person on your throne?” she demanded. “Where’s the man I used to love to hate? That man used to preach religiously that there was always another way. That man used to take whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it and piss in the mouth of anyone who dared speak against him!”

Later, Robert and Liam shared a private bonding moment reminiscing about their dad over an old bottle of scotch. However, Liam was still distracted by Kathryn’s messages, and Robert could sense something was up.

“So, who is she?” he asked Liam. “Texting in the throne room, during lunch the whole time… There was a time when part of your game was leaving them a day or two to respond so they’d freak out, and then you waited until the perfect moment. Now, you’re the one freaking out to speak to her. Anyone serious?” Liam quickly brushed it off. “It’s nothing,” he replied. “Just a girl.”

In honor of his last night as a dead man, Robert took a nighttime stroll with little brother to enjoy his final moments of freedom. But unbeknownst to Liam, that stroll led them straight to Kathryn’s doorstep. “I want to tell her in person,” Robert explained. “It’s not a phone call type of thing. She deserves better than finding out with the rest of the world at the press conference.”

Kathryn was obviously stunned to see him alive. “I don’t feel well,” she responded, looking helplessly between the two brothers. She invited them both upstairs for an extremely awkward visit. Liam watched them like a hawk as Robert and Kathryn slowly reconnected. “You need time. It’s natural,” Robert told her. “And, I have no expectations. I just thought I owed you a visit in person.”

After returning to the palace with Robert, Liam snuck out to go back to Kathryn’s. They mutually agreed it would be right to end things before it got even more complicated.

The next morning, it was finally time for the anticipated press conference. With Liam and Eleanor by her side, Queen Helena announced to the world that the twins were Simon’s biological children. The queen was bombarded with questions, including if Liam would immediately ascend the throne. “There’s another part of the story you don’t know that will answer that question,” she responded. “It’s best if I simply hand it over to someone else to elaborate.”

Robert then made his grand entrance. He explained how his plane was remotely taken over during a training exercise. He was forced to eject before landing in the water and washing up on the shore of a desert island. “Every breath that I took from that moment built a new degree of hope until I was completely sure that I would be back home, back in the country that I love and back with my family,” said. “I never lost hope.”

A reporter then asked the queen if she was worried about Cyrus’ cooperation in the expected transition of power. “No, he and I have spoken,” she calmly replied. “He knows his time has come and gone.”

We’ll see about that!

Watch a brand-new episode of The Royals Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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