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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4: How far will Klaus go with Caroline in Tyler’s body?

vampire-diaries-caroline-tyler-klaus-dance.jpg“The Vampire Diaries” fans tend to be very opinionated, particularly when it comes to the love triangles on the show. Over this summer hiatus, though, there has been a quiet controversy buzzing throughout the fandom about Caroline’s current dilemma — specifically, that the villain Klaus has taken control of her boyfriend Tyler’s body.

We joked with Candice Accola about the whole Klaus-is-inside-of-Tyler thing, but if you really think about it, it’s a very creepy concept. When Caroline kissed Tyler goodbye at the end of the Season 3 finale, she was unknowingly kissing Klaus, whose feelings for her she’d rebuffed repeatedly. With Klaus making himself comfortable in Tyler’s body, there’s been some concern among fans that things with Caroline might become even more physical, bringing up some troubling consent questions.

Fans also took issue in Season 1 when Damon compelled Caroline to do his bidding on a regular basis while they were in a sexual relationship. Of course, both these situations are purely supernatural and would never apply to real-life relationships, but it’s still a valid concern for fans who care about Caroline.

There’s no doubt that if Klaus and Caroline slept together while she believed he was Tyler, it would be an unforgivable offense that would be disturbing on several levels. Luckily, we can confirm that it won’t get that far before Tyler gets his body back.

“No, it’s not going to go that far,” executive producer Julie Plec assures us, promising that what Klaus does with Tyler’s body is more comedic than predatory. “Yes, it’s a little bit naughty, it’s a little bit twisted, it’s kind of fun — depending on your perspective and how you define twisted and fun. It’s over before it begins, so you can all get a good chuckle out of it.”

It won’t traumatize or hurt Caroline, but because she’s no wilting flower, she won’t take Klaus’s games lightly. “Caroline will get very rightfully, appropriately indignant about it,” Plec says, “but she won’t be needing any therapy or support groups.”

This should come as good news to the Klaus/Caroline fans, who will be relieved to know that he doesn’t overstep that particular boundary. (He may be into committing murder on a regular basis, but he’s not getting intimate with a lady without her consent.) Perhaps there’s hope for them yet?

Photo/Video credit: The CW

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