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‘Timber Creek Lodge’ has your 3 new favorite Bravo villains

Bravo has added another notch to its reality TV show belt with “Timber Creek Lodge,” a series documenting the staff and clients at a small, private, high-end lodge resort in Whistler, British Columbia.

In the vein of “Below Deck” and “Vanderpump Rules,” the resort is staffed with a variety of good-looking 20- and 30-somethings who all live by varying degrees of “work first, play second,” “play first, work second” and “what’s work?” attitudes.

While many of them seem like perfectly fine people — shout-out to Chef Nikita for her kick-butt name and no-nonsense attitude to go with it — there are definitely a few who are already firmly on our “love to hate” list.

3. Manager Katy

timber creek lodge manager katy Timber Creek Lodge has your 3 new favorite Bravo villains

As far as reality villains go, Katy is fairly mild so far. As the manager, she has the hard job of wrangling all the yahoos on staff — plus providing exciting experiences for the wealthy clients. But she’s on our radar as one to watch because of her rather lackadaisical attitude and her push-back to Jamie, the assistant manager.

Jamie is one of the only people at the resort who appears to be on the ball. He’s constantly thinking two steps ahead and riding the employees to make sure they’re doing their jobs. Katy, meanwhile, is very hands off — which is fine (to a point) — but her dressing down of Jamie really rubbed us the wrong way, especially in light of how little direction she actually gives him (as he rightly pointed out).

Katy may not be a villain in the immediate way Jenna was (which we’ll get to), but she seems like drama and trouble.

2. Mountain Host Mark

timber creek lodge mountain host mark Timber Creek Lodge has your 3 new favorite Bravo villains

As several people observe, both directly and indirectly, Mark is kind of a d-bag. He’s full of macho swagger that borders on sexism (and will surely be crossing that border) — and he acts like the rules don’t apply to him, which is annoying and problematic for manager Katy.

On the other hand, Mark’s intriguing, as he’s also one of the most responsible people in the house — notice how he was not partying with the guests the night before a 7 a.m. heli-skiing trip, or the fact that he takes the dangerous aspect of his job very seriously.

It should make him one of the most interesting characters on the show, because he’s good at his job and takes the important things seriously, but he’s also kind of insufferable. Delicious reality TV combo.

Plus, he’s hooking up with…

1. Housekeeper Jenna

timber creek lodge jenna Timber Creek Lodge has your 3 new favorite Bravo villains

Talk about someone with all the bad aspects of Mark and none of his redeeming qualities! The casting department struck gold with this one, a former Dallas Mavericks cheerleader who was let go for “fraternizing with the players” (her words) and is now “homeless” (also her words), so this job is perfect for her because it provides room & board, she’s encouraged to party with the guests and she’s in a beautiful location — totes perfect for taking lots of selfies.

She was hired as a “housekeeper,” yet based on her being stymied by the vacuum cleaner, aversion to cleaning toilets and penchant for saying things like, “He was a dog and came fetching,” Jenna is straight out of reality TV villain central casting. If she’s cleaned a bathroom a day in her life we’ll eat our hats … and if she isn’t fired by season’s end, there is something seriously wrong here — not only would that provide some excellent drama, but that’s how the show gets a little fresh blood if there is a Season 2.

And Jenna is the absolute worst! So here’s hoping.

“Timber Creek Lodge” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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