TNT’s Dallas Teaser: Sex, Money, and Oil, Maybe at the Same Time (VIDEO)

J.R. honey, the camera is over here.

I was a little too young to watch Dallas when it first aired in 1978 and too much of a teenager to care when it ended in 1991, but I still understand the imprint that the primetime soap left on television. Backstabbing, adultery, and murder wouldn’t be the television staples they are today if it weren’t for the petty power struggles of the Ewing family, so do tip your Stetson in the direction of the seminal series anytime you gasp at a jaw-dropping event on one of your current favorite shows.

TNT is giving the series a reboot next summer with several original cast members reprising their roles (including Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy) and a new generation of Texans (Jesse Metcalf, Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo, Jordana Brewster) looking to lube themselves up with oil and cash. During last night’s season premiere of The Closer, the network offered up a minute-long peek at the upcoming series, and things look just as contentious and power-thirsty as they used to be.

Let’s contrast that with the original series, via a scene where Bobby’s secretary has some sweet shoulderpads!

For more on TNT’s Dallas, mosey on over to the show’s official site.

What’s your favorite moment from the original Dallas? OR WAS IT ALL A DREAM!?

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