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Today in Movie Culture: Batman vs. Classic Movie Villains, Thanksgiving in

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Mashup of the Day:

Batman finds the hangout of all classic movie villains, including Voldemort and Loki, and takes them on himself in this animated parody:

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Supercut of the Day:

For Fandor Keyframe, Jacob T. Swinney spotlights dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner scenes in movies:

[embedded content]

Movie Reenactment of the Day:

A British couple likes to recreate scenes from movies, like Alien, with their cats. See more, including The Shining and E.T. at Geekologie.

Movie Comparison of the Day:

Couch Tomato shows 24 reasons that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is basically a remake of Double Dragon:

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Movie Homages of the Day:

Here’s another showcase of paintings side by side with the shots in movies they inspired, including one in Eraserhead, from Candice Drouet:

[embedded content]

Reimagined Movie of the Day:

What if Titanic was a modern cruise line instead of a movie? CineFix imagines it so with this fake ad:

[embedded content]

Vintage Poster of the Day:

Franco Nero, who turns 75 today, broke out as the original Django in this 1966 Spaghetti Western:

Actor in the Spotlight: 

In honor of the release of Allied, check out some trivia about Brad Pitt via ScreenCrush:

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Film Studies Lesson of the Day: 

The Nerdwriter looks at brilliant lighting in animation with focus on the anime classic Akira:

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Classic Movie Trailer of the Day: 

Tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of the release of Giant, starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. Watch the original trailer for the movie below.

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