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Movies News Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Supernatural, the Future of Community, and Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Wow, has another week gone by already? So it has. And what a week it was. NBC killed Prime Suspect, you guys! And shelved Community! WHYYYY! (*Runs into bedroom, slams door shut, leaps onto bed and sobs into Dora the Explorer pillow case!*) Which means it’s time to turn over the mailbag and get our Shout-Outs on. Who’s with me?

In our review of last Friday’s Supernatural, “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!” we reacted strongly—and not in a good way—to the return of a certain character whose name rhymes with “hecky.” Here are some of the best comments:

castora wished the episode would have broken the fourth wall a little:

The episode was kind of weird. I kept expecting to see the story turn on the spot. What Supernatural has always been good at is showing us something we think we know and understand and then turning it into something different, and more often than not, seriously making fun of the show itself in the process. So I wanted this to turn out to be about more than just a lonely crazy girl. It would have been fun to figure out that Becky’s motive for drugging Sam and splitting up the Bro-Team were way more big-picture, and less pathetic I-need-to-impress-my-high-school-classmates. What if it had turned out that she could actually decipher patterns and schemes that the boys could not? Simply because she was NOT a part of the story. At least the original story. It could have been awesmazingly “French Mistake”-ingly interesting to actually have the voice of the audience inserted in the storytelling. We can all see the problems building up, the false security the brothers feel, the chances that they might pass up on, because they are standing too close to the fire.

ChecheEleazar thought the episode just didn’t pull off the comedy:

When Supernatural does very funny episodes (“Bad Day in Black Rock,” “Yellow Fever,” “Changing Channels,” “The French Mistake,” etc.), they usually pull it off. This one, I’m sad to say, fell flat for me. Mainly because I loved Becky before (she was hilarious in “The Real Ghostbusters”), but I found her especially annoying this episode. I was like: “Love potion. Really? Was she that desperate?”

The only redeeming qualities of this episode were:
1.) Dean’s reaction to the wedding. (“Really? Super fan 99?”)
2.) Sam trying to talk with the gag.
3.) Crowley. (“This isn’t Wall Street, this is hell. We have a little something called integrity.” LOL.)

Now, back to that terrible news about Community. At times like this, we need each other more than ever, guys. Let’s just be there for one another. Let’s do it for Troy and Abed and Annie’s Boobs and Annie’s boobs and Kickpuncher 2 and Magnitude and everyone and everything from Community that ever touched our hearts, deep inside, where it counts.

I think this thread sums up the general sentiment…

















mcwilly104 was able to form words, and they were angry words:

This totally sucks. But can we expect better from a network that made Whitney one of the first new pick-ups of the 2011-2012 season? Should we have more faith in the network that greenlit the most awful version of Wonder Woman made to date? Is it surprising to anyone that the network that is still desperately clinging to the shell of former greatness that is The Office is going to cancel something as brilliant as Community? No. NBC is the worst.

TrevPlatt thinks NBC now officially has the worst schedule on TV:

That has got to be the worst line-up on network TV. Why do they promote crap shows (like Whitney) which will probably get ratings anyway from the mindless drones, and yet great shows that need some love from the network (like Community and Prime Suspect) just get left to fend for themselves, often whilst combating against crap time-slots? 30 Rock is the only one I’m excited about from that line-up. I’ll give Grimm maybe one or two more episodes but I know I’ll give up on it because it’s just not good enough; I’ve practically given up on Harry’s Law already (mainly because I didn’t like the changes); which leaves The Firm. I’m looking forward to see if this is any good but I’m not holding my breath. Knowing what NBC is like it will probably screw it up spectacularly—which even a couple of Cylons can’t fight against!

MarcSilverber directed his comment directly at the programmers of NBC:

If anybody reads this, please make sure the right people see it.

Dear NBC,
Thank you so much for putting Community on hiatus. Your commitment to remaining in fourth place as a network is inspiring. People everywhere should see your model of inadequacy as an example that they truly can be the (fourth) best that they can be. Obviously, I understand the business model—Community is simply too good of a show to be on your network and you need to move it in order to make room for such wonderful programming as The Playboy Club, The Cape, Prime Suspect, Outsourced, Whitney, and the 10pm Jay Leno Show. I have henceforth decided to stop watching all NBC programming, for two reasons: Firstly, I am obviously not a sophisticated enough viewer to understand the fine and complicated plot lines in such terrific shows such as The Marriage Ref and Fear Factor. Secondly, I do not want to invest in any more of your programs, because as soon as I get hooked onto a new and incredibly “ahead of its time” show, you will undoubtedly cancel it, thereby making my day that much better. Parks and Recreation is maybe one of the finest shows on television, as well as 30 Rock, The Sing-Off, Chuck, Up All Night, and Grimm. I have no doubt they will all be gone in one or two years, tops. Perhaps instead of trying to relive the glory days of Seinfeld and Friends, you should observe how other networks are evolving, succeeding, and perhaps take a lesson from them. This would suggest that you are capable of learning from your mistakes, but the last six years of failing miserably at life would be assuming to the point of foolishness.

Thank you again for providing a model that we can all aspire to reach: mediocracy.

P.S. Good job with Conan as well. I’m sure there won’t ever be a book published discussing how big of a screw-up that was.

New topic, but not unrelated. We asked another Quick Question this week: Which unjustly canceled shows are you STILL heartbroken over? And we got more than 1,100 responses and counting. 1,100!!! That has to be some kind of record. What’s that? Yes! I’ve just been informed that we’ve smashed the record for most comments ever on a single story. So congratulations to Price Peterson, our spiritual shepherd and the post’s author.

I read each and every one, twice, and tallied the scores. Here they are (through Friday afternoon or so):

The Biggest TV Cancellation Tragedies in History, as Voted by You, the Readership

Firefly: 316
Angel: 186
Veronica Mars: 148
Life: 147
Pushing Daisies: 112
Lie To Me: 111
Jericho: 99
Dollhouse: 97
Moonlight: 79
Dark Angel: 68
Human Target: 67
Arrested Development: 66
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: 59
Dead Like Me: 57
Terriers: 50
Reaper: 49
Stargate Universe: 47
Better Off Ted: 46
Wonderfalls: 44
Heroes: 44
The 4400: 43
Deadwood: 42
Carnivale: 40
Party Down: 36
Tru Calling: 35
Journeyman: 31
Farscape: 30
Kyle XY: 31
Caprica: 27
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: 27
Rubicon: 27
FlashForward: 25
Lost: 25
John Doe: 24
The Dresden Files: 24
The Good Guys: 22
Gilmore Girls: 22
Twin Peaks: 22
The Unit: 22
Community: 20
Surface: 20
New Amsterdam: 20
Stargate Atlantis: 20
The Gates: 18
Threshold: 18
Roswell: 18
The Event: 18
Invasion: 17
My Name is Earl: 17
The Chicago Code: 17
Samantha Who?: 15
Defying Gravity: 14
Alias: 14
Eli Stone: 14
The Class: 13
Greek: 13
Freaks & Geeks: 13
Law & Order: 13
Dirty Sexy Money: 12
Memphis Beat: 11
The Unsusuals: 10
The Black Donnellys: 10
Reunion: 10
My So Called Life: 9
The Riches: 9
Off the Map: 9
Star Trek: Enterprise: 9
Ugly Betty: 8
Vanished: 8
American Gothic: 8
Men in Trees: 7
The O.C.: 7
Six Degrees: 7
Lone Star: 7
Traveler: 7
The Playboy Club: 6
The Wire: 6
Quantum Leap: 6
Jack and Bobby: 5
The Tick: 5
Aliens in America: 5
Shark: 5
Medium: 5
Space: Above and Beyond: 5
Cold Case: 5
Brothers and Sisters: 5
Cupid ‘98: 5
Wildfire: 4
Robin Hood: 4
The Dead Zone: 4
Raising the Bar: 4
Veritas the Quest: 4
All My Children: 4
Earth 2: 4
Numb3rs: 3
Prime Suspect: 3
Tower Prep: 3
Ghost Whisperer: 3
Brotherhood: 3
Kindred: 3
Titus: 2
Perfect Couples: 2
Young Americans: 2
Lincoln Heights: 2
Secret Diary of a Call Girl: 2
The Embraced: 2
My Own Worst Enemy: 2
One Life to Live: 2
Trauma: 2
Big Shots: 2
Traffic Lights: 1
Miss Guided: 1
HawthoRNe: 1
GvE: 1
Swingtown: 1
The Sarah Silverman Program: 1

*Collapses in a lifeless heap.*

Have an awesome Thanksgiving, everyone! Shout-Outs will return after the holiday.

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