’s 12 Days of Clips-mas, Day 10: South Park’s Original Santa

To help you get into the holiday spirit, for the next 12 days, we’ll provide you with one classic holiday TV clip. We’ve scoured through our archives and your comments on our story in which we asked you to name your favorite holiday episodes, and came up with a list of dazzling, heartwarming, and totally weird holiday clips. And instead of sharing the same ol’ episodes we’ve all seen (don’t get us wrong, we’re totally down with some Festivus and Holiday Armadillo) we erred on the side of strange and obscure to keep things interesting.

Day 10: South Park‘s Original Santa vs. Jesus

What would Brian Boitano do? He would watch this pre-Comedy Central South Park clip/pilot/introduction and remind himself of how well Matt and Trey nailed the characters and humor from the beginning. Some of the voice-work is slightly higher than we’re used to, but the swearing is stronger, almost on par with Bigger Longer & Uncut. Santa and Jesus are portrayed brilliantly and the fight scene between them is no less sacrilegiously sublime as it was when this clip first appeared.


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